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Making the Latest Tech Work for You with PartsTech

May 21, 2020
4 mins read

Staying competitive in your local market is already a challenge when you are looking to grow your business and bring on new commercial customers. There are new players entering the online automotive aftermarket space that could take away sales from your store.

How do you combat that? How do you offer your customers a unique and efficient online parts ordering experience that helps you move more parts and make more profit while preserving the trusted relationships you have built with local shops?

We’ve got you covered.

Make The Latest Tech Work For You…

Millions of parts are ordered online every year with no sign of slowing down. Just this year alone it’s estimated that over $10 billion in parts will be ordered in 2018 and that number is increasing each year due to mobile buyers. As a parts retailer, it’s more important than ever to move your customers to an agile and efficient online parts ordering system that puts your store front and center.

PartsTech offers a system that integrates your existing inventory built on today’s e-commerce technology. It gives your customers an online experience they already expect. More of your commercial business will transition to cloud-based SMS systems and online ordering. You need to be a part of that transition and PartsTech can make that happen for you.

We have always believed that building a better platform for distributors like you helps strengthens the entire automotive aftermarket industry. We want you to grow your business and to do that, we have built PartsTech with you in mind.

3 Unique Ways We Help You Grow Your Online Sales

Sales trends (know what’s moving and what’s not to make better buying decisions), order volumes per store (easily see who your top ordering shops are to thank them and who is lagging behind in orders to show them a little extra attention), returns (are there patterns with certain OE parts that need to be addressed?),  and many more.

The PartsTech Distributor Portal also automatically sends confirmation order emails to your customers, as well as your sales managers – so that everyone is up to date and in the loop.

SMS Integration – As more of your customers move to cloud-based SMS systems to run their own businesses more efficiently, having your inventory featured within PartsTech gives you greater connectivity to those systems. A single integration with PartsTech connects your store to our growing network of management systems. PartsTech makes you an even more integral part of how your customers do business every day.

How does that help you? If your shop can find what they need within the one-tab environment of their SMS, that means less chance they will jump out to another website like Amazon or RockAuto to go shopping for parts. PartsTech is the traditional aftermarket’s answer to high-tech competition from mega e-tailers.

We all know that competition is coming from every angle online. We saw this coming years ago and decided it was time to build a gateway to help distributors out-muscle the competition and help remind their shops why it’s important to shop from trusted vendors first.

PartsTech’s online search engine can help you take your business to a new level with tech that works FOR you, not against you. So, what are you waiting for?

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