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Use Time Savings To Retain Auto Shop Technicians And Invest In You

September 14, 2023
Shop Resource
8 mins read

“Make more money.” — It’s likely the most basic desire of auto shop owners, but it takes time. 

“Time” is something most auto shops feel short on. Many shop owners become so bogged down by just trying to keep the shop running that they can’t spend time strategically working on revenue-generating initiatives and opportunities to grow and expand the shop. Can you relate?

Often, it’s easy for software companies like PartsTech to share how using our product will save you hours each year. And with this time savings, you can go forth and spend time on initiatives that will “Boost Your Bottom Line,” allow you to “Upgrade Your Shop,” and “Expand Your Operation.” Don’t get us wrong, we stand by these statements (in fact, we wrote a whole blog post about them to give you some helpful ideas 🙃 – link), but there is a significant opportunity to reallocate time savings in a way that many shops miss…

In an industry that struggles to attract and retain talented technicians, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take some of the time you save with software like PartsTech and reinvest it into your employees. And it’s also important to not forget about someone else — you. By spending time nurturing your employees and yourself, you will indirectly make steps toward creating a healthy and thriving shop on all fronts.

Ideas For How to Use Time Savings To Attract And Retain Technicians 

There are actions you can take (both small and large) to become a shop that technicians want to work for and remain loyal to. Here are some ideas: 

Get Your Employees Home On Time

Show that you value who your employees are inside and outside of work by getting them off on time. Having efficient operations opens up opportunities to increase your daily car count, boost revenue, AND ensure you’re getting your employees off the clock and home on time. 

Buy Staff Lunch Once A Week

Buying your team lunch may seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way in showing your technicians and other staff that you appreciate them. It also helps build healthy team relationships and camaraderie between your employees. 

Start A Recognition Program

One reason technicians leave the industry is because they do not feel appreciated. They feel overlooked and overworked. Regularly recognizing and appreciating your employees is crucial.

Create A Monthly Incentivization Program

Incentivization is a fun way to gamify performance with a healthy dose of friendly competition. 

Invest In Your Technicians’ Career Development

A clear career path is essential in any industry and role. Auto technicians are no exception. It’s important to be proactively involved in their career development to ensure they don’t feel stuck in a stagnant career. 

Upgrade Your Employee Benefits 

Refreshing benefits may seem like a heavy lift, but it’s vital that your employees feel appropriately compensated. 

Create A Desirable Work Environment For Your Technicians

Working conditions matter to your technicians. Be intentional about creating a positive work environment. Here are some ideas: 

Don’t get overwhelmed by the list above. Step one is to be aware of opportunities to help attract and retain technicians. When you are ready to take action, the next step is to start with the lowest-hanging opportunities that will be easiest for you to implement in the shortest amount of time. After that, prioritize the larger initiatives and create a plan to tackle them. 

Ideas For How to Use Time Savings To Invest In Yourself

Are you taking the time to invest in yourself? Prioritizing your employees is fantastic, but don’t be bashful about prioritizing yourself too.

How’s your work-life balance? When was the last time you took a vacation? Are you burnt out

Depending on your answers to the above, consider how you can use saved time to invest in yourself and your well-being. If you’re at the helm of your shop, investing in and taking care of yourself will have benefits that cascade down to your employees and your business. 

Here are some ideas: 

Be Intentional With Time Savings 

Regardless of how you use time savings, always look for new ways to save time in your shop. Modern technology and tools are constantly changing and evolving to service your shop to help you run more efficiently so that your business can grow and thrive from the inside out. Seconds saved add up to minutes saved, which adds up to hours saved. See our latest infographic to learn more about how saving time in just one area of your shop can significantly impact your business – click here.

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