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Accelerate Your Parts Ordering

Order parts and tires from all of your wholesale suppliers in one simple lookup.

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Why Repair Shops Love PartsTech

Eliminate the Frustration of Parts Ordering Forever

Save Time In Your Shop
  • Order parts across multiple suppliers in a single click.
  • Avoid logging into multiple systems throughout the day.
  • Keep employees focused on the job at hand.
Make More Money
  • Find the right parts the first time and turn bays quicker.
  • Create quotes faster and increase shop output.
  • Increase profitability with analytics and markup tools.
Win Over Customers
  • Source the best parts for every job.
  • Improve service turnaround times and deliver on customer expectations.
  • Elevate your reputation and win more business.
Stop Wasting Time Chasing Parts
Parts and Tires, All In One Platform

The Fastest Way to Order Parts

Imagine if you could save 5-10 minutes per RO? With PartsTech, you get real-time pricing and availability from all of your aftermarket parts suppliers in one screen – saving you time so you can make more money.

Keep Your Customers Rolling

With PartsTech Tires, you can search and order from all your wholesale tire suppliers in one lookup. Build a repair order and add a set of tires to your quote in seconds.

How PartsTech Works

Parts Ordering — Simplified

  • Quickly search for parts or tires with PartsTech’s intuitive interface.
  • Tab through all your suppliers in one place to find the right part and add it to the cart.
  • Submit a quote and run a price check.
  • Place the order across all your suppliers instantly.
Automotive Parts Ordering From Unlimited Suppliers

Relationships matter and we know your local parts suppliers are critical to your shop’s success. PartsTech shows you what your suppliers have in stock first – helping you keep those local relationships strong. With more than 30,000 supplier locations to choose from, you can always find the parts and tires you need.

The PartsTech Catalog By the Numbers

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    Supplier Locations
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    Tire Distributors
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    Parts Available
Find Your Suppliers
Don’t Take It From Us
What Our Customers Say
I look back on where we were a year ago or two years ago and it’s unbelievable how much this parts integration has helped us to speed up and make us more efficient so that’s, you know, fantastic. Double thumbs up.
Patrick Schnaidt
Performance Tune

A fantastic addition to our shop! PartsTech is extremely user-friendly and truly caters to our shop’s needs and wants.

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Kerry S.
General Manager

PartsTech has improved parts margins and speed of service. I love being able to see multiple suppliers simultaneously, both their availability and prices.

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Wayne H.
Service Manager

Awesome tool! Easy to use. Easy to train my guys on! If one store doesn’t have what I’m looking for I can tab over and shop another store. I feel like PartsTech has a great system in place.

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Andrew M.
The integration of systems is paramount for my business. The speed at which parts are able to be found and ordered makes things seamless for us.
Andrew Orr
Grove Automotive LLC
I love everything about PartsTech. Their application makes everything so smooth and efficient!
Ryan Baker
Owner, Maxed Out Trucks

Reduces phone time by 80% to vendors. Having multiple vendors in one sight is wonderful. The fact that Tracs/PartsTech now allows parts to be billed and ordered to repair orders makes life a lot easier.

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TeeKee C.
General Manager
35+ Management System Integrations
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We’ve partnered with 35+ management systems so you can build repair orders fast without jumping between windows.

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