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Unlimited suppliers and users

Expand what’s possible

At PartsTech, we understand the importance of having the right part at the right time. That’s why we offer access to a network of over 30,000 part supplier locations and more than 50 tire suppliers nationwide.

With PartsTech, you can connect to all of your automotive parts and tire suppliers with no cap on the number of free supplier connections — ensuring you find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Parts and tire search

Search for parts & tires in one lookup

Significantly speed the time it takes to find and order parts and tires by putting all of your suppliers into one place. At a glance, see part and tire availability, up-to-date product information, and pricing that reflects your commercial information from each of your suppliers.

Find parts & tires all in one screen

Harness the power of full-vehicle diagrams

Tired of the guessing game when ordering parts? PartsTech Diagrams transforms your part searching and ordering process with interactive, visual diagrams.

Quickly identify the right parts by clicking over their specific visuals in an interactive diagram. Navigate through complete diagrams to confidently find and select all the parts needed for a repair order.

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Tire Comparison

Sell more tires

Your customers like choices. Give them the ability to easily understand a good, better, and best option for their next set of tires. Email, text, or simply print out a tire comparison sheet that allows them to see a detailed cost comparison, tire specifications, and any available rebates.

Customers can easily make their selection via email or text and get back on the road in no time.

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Quick Quoting

Optimize your quoting process

Uplevel customer experience with real-time quotes. Complete customer repair orders faster by streamlining the process from quote creation to customer approval and part ordering. In minutes, build a quote that can include aftermarket parts, OE parts, and tires from multiple suppliers and share it with your customer for quick approval.

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One search gets the job done

Find and order parts based on common jobs you need to get done. One search pulls in multiple suppliers and shows all the parts you need in one workflow without having to search for each component separately. Searching by job frees up time for you to focus on more impactful work.

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Preferred Brands

Prioritize the parts brands you use the most

Customize which brands appear first in your search results so you can scroll less and find the parts you need 35% faster.

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Increase your visibility

PartsTech crunches the numbers, so you don’t have to. Our reports give you detailed insights into how your shop is ordering parts. Track part spend across your suppliers, users, part type, brand, and tire size. Increase your procurement visibility to optimize operational spend.

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User permissions

Easily manage users with detailed permissions

Add unlimited users to your PartsTech account and manage their access to shop data and ordering capabilities. Set permissions based on roles and tasks, giving team members the right level of control. Decide who can view and manage orders, access reports, and change settings — keeping your workflow organized and your data secure.

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What our customers say
PartsTech is the Google of automotive parts — it’s extremely easy to search for parts. I couldn’t run the amount of numbers that I do without PartsTech.

Felix Diaz
Founder & CEO
Using PartsTech makes it a lot easier for us to look up our parts. We’ve got three main vendors, [and before PartsTech], we’d have to look one up then transfer the ticket, then look another one up and transfer the ticket. With PartsTech, they are all three there. I can see the prices, what brand they are and…the availability.
Rick Wilson
By saving 2-3 hours a day using PartsTech, we are able to call our customers to get them back into the shop for their maintenance and ultimately boost our profitability and car count.
Stephen Leal
General Manager

We love PartsTech. The software connects with our management software easily. It makes parts ordering and managing simple so we can worry about other parts of the business. We would not want to do our job without it.

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Amber M.
Office Manager

PartsTech is easy to use and makes my life easier.

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Asher L.

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