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Add unlimited users and manage their access to shop data and ordering capabilities.

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Manage User Access with Detailed Permissions

Shop Permissions: Based on their roles and tasks, give your team members the right level of control. Set access to general shop settings, such as shop details, shipping, suppliers, payments, retail pricing, brand preferences, rewards, and subscriptions.

Order Permissions: Choose who can view and manage orders. Decide whether users can access all orders or only their own — keeping your workflow clean and organized.

Reporting Permissions: Control access to important business data with customizable reporting permissions. Grant users access to the reports dashboard, spend data, parts data, and tire data based on what they need to know — keeping data private and secure.

Invite Team Members and Improve Collaboration

Onboard New Members Easily: Add new users to your PartsTech account by entering the email of the user you want to invite, setting their permissions, and sending the invite.

More Control Of Your Business: Control your team’s access to PartsTech. Easily add, remove, and edit users anytime — changing their permissions as roles and tasks change within your shop.

Better CollaborationCreate a more collaborative and efficient work environment by giving team members the right level of access. Help each user to focus on their specific tasks, whether it’s placing orders, managing shipping, or analyzing reports, without the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Improve Your Parts Ordering Process with User Permissions

Better Security: Control access to critical information to keep your shop’s sensitive data safe. User Permissions let you give access only to those who need it, lowering the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Room To Grow: Whether you add a new service advisor or promote a technician, you can quickly update their permissions to match their new role.

Simplified Workflow: Improve your shop’s workflow, reduce bottlenecks, and reduce the risk of errors with customizable user permissions that give each team member the tools and information they need to do their job well.

Repair Shops Love PartsTech
What Our Customers Say
I would say the most valuable portion of PartsTech is the time saved. We’re able to knockout quite a bit more business, again, without having the delays of phone calls and the hold times, etc.
TJ Sponable
Technical Manager
Using PartsTech makes it a lot easier for us to look up our parts. We’ve got three main vendors, [and before PartsTech], we’d have to look one up then transfer the ticket, then look another one up and transfer the ticket. With PartsTech, they are all three there. I can see the prices, what brand they are and…the availability.
Rick Wilson
We have seen roughly about a 15% increase in both revenue along with 50% time saving per repair order.
Adam Schifman

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