About PartsTech

PartsTech provides repair shops with the most connected, accurate, and efficient parts procurement platform.

Who We Are

Powering The Repairs That Keep The World Moving


We are obsessed with helping our customers win by thoroughly understanding their pains and delivering on their needs. Their success is our success.


We deliver on what we promise. We encourage healthy debate, but once we decide on a direction, we stay focused on achieving clearly defined objectives.


We seek deeper understanding and challenge the status quo by constantly asking questions. ‘why’, ‘how come’, and ‘how can we make it better’ is our mantra. We put the answers to these questions into action every day.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously and let our egos get in the way of what matters most. We are approachable and real.


Our customers, co-workers, and partners can consistently rely on us. We put that same faith in each other, because we always aim to do what’s right. Period.

How PartsTech Got Started

PartsTech was born out of a personal frustration experienced by our co-founder and CEO, Greg Kirber, during his time working at auto dealerships. An industry veteran, Greg found himself spending countless hours on the phone trying to obtain parts pricing and availability, only to receive the wrong parts, at the wrong time, over and over again.

If he could order a pizza on his phone and track it with pinpoint accuracy, why were auto parts still mired in outdated processes? With a new generation of mechanics, service writers, and shop owners on the rise, Greg knew that something had to give.

With the help of his friend and co-founder Erik St. Pierre, Greg was able to develop an e-commerce platform that allows commercial customers to buy millions of different auto parts from a network of local and national suppliers. The solution: PartsTech.

Today, PartsTech has grown to help more than 20,000 repair shops, tire shops, and dealers procure parts and tires from more than 30,000 parts stores. Employing more than 100 people and growing fast, PartsTech consists of a fully remote team across the U.S. and Europe.

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What Our Employees Say
There is not one person in the entire company that is not willing to help each other. This is so rare, especially across departments.
Chris Gallo
Account Executive
Most roles here are fully remote. In spite of that, there is genuine camaraderie. With Slack, Google Meet, Lattice… we have all the cool tools that create a community. Our management team is an amazing collection of folks who absolutely and genuinely care about everyone here including and especially our off-shore teams.
Perry Friedman
Vice President, Data Management
As a Senior BDR at PartsTech, I can confidently say that my experience so far has been nothing short of exceptional, the management and support team is supportive and proactive in ensuring that their employees have the resources and tools necessary to succeed. This, combined with the challenging yet rewarding work, has made for a dynamic and growth-oriented work environment. In addition to a great work environment, PartsTech also places a strong emphasis on work-life balance, which is a critical aspect for any employee.
T.J. Large
Senior BDR
I joined because the leadership team here at PartsTech is solid and they give the autonomy that is needed for teams to be allowed to do their best jobs.
Travis Beaulieu
Group Product Manager
Our Investors

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