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PartsTech is the only platform that gives you free access to dozens of tire suppliers in one lookup. Get more tire selection options and spend less time searching for the right tires. 

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Search for new tires by tire size or select recommended sizes based on vehicle fitment. Easily see tire availability, real-time pricing, location, and cut-off or delivery times. Quickly understand details such as rebate info, performance and speed rating, trim level, tread images, and more. And when it comes to tire safety, you will see a warning next to a tire if the speed rating or load index is below spec for the vehicle you plan to service.

Impress customers and sell more tires

Quickly create a professional good, better, best comparison quote for new tires. Text or email the quote directly to the customer or print it out. Customers can easily understand their choices and even select and approve a set of tires from their device if they are not in the shop. 

More than just a tire search tool

Build a tire pricing matrix to monitor profits as you add tires to the cart in PartsTech and hide wholesale costs by showing the retail price you set for those brands. Dive into helpful analytics to see a detailed breakdown of tire purchasing trends including the most popular tire sizes, average cost, top brand preference, and more. Use this information to help inform the types and quantity of tires you may want to stock in-house for on-demand availability.

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Tap into the power of our full network of more than 50 tire suppliers, including more than 25 for FREE. We are continually adding more to make sure you have the suppliers you need.
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PartsTech is a great product and very beneficial. They added the tires to their platform and it streamlines estimates.

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Davin B.
I took my searches from 8-10 minutes for parts to 1 or 2 minutes.
William Folsom
The ability to compare prices from the different part stores in one search, it just cuts out time and makes it a lot faster.
Maurice Rohrer

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