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“This is the best program for shops! PartsTech makes writing up estimates and repair orders easy as 1,2,3!”

Victor Estrada, Brother Automotive Inc.

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PartsTech helps Lynwood Tire & Auto reduce estimating time

“Without PartsTech it could take up to half an hour, depending on the estimate. With PartsTech you are usually done with that estimate in 5-10 minutes.”Brian Wilcox, Service Advisor

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“Most of all I have seen record sales since implementing.”

10/10 program, we have over 30 techs and 8 service writers using it daily.”

“It’s easy to find the parts we need and now that tire ordering has been added it’s just that much better.”

“Makes my day go smoother than it used to. All because it saves me TIME!

I love everything about PartsTech. Their application makes everything so smooth and efficient!
Ryan Baker
Owner, Maxed Out Trucks
PartsTech is fast, easy, integrates with my management system, and is freakin’ awesome!
Shane Mobley
Brother’s Auto
PartsTech has been a very helpful tool and resource for our shop. In the one instance I needed customer support, they went above and beyond. I am very happy with the services.
Rob Ward
Service Advisor, Pauls Alignment
I love the ease of having all the parts stores in one location.
Justin Bierly
Little Lion Auto
This application has decreased the amount of time it takes to find what is needed.
Louis Combs
Meet Your Mechanic
I have done this for years and PartsTech really speeds up the process.
Luis Pereyra
DeLand Auto Fix
The integration of systems is paramount for my business. The speed at which parts are able to be found and ordered makes things seamless for us.
Andrew Orr
Grove Automotive LLC
With PartsTech I can look up availability and see how quickly I can get parts to my shop so I can get my technicians to install it. That means another job comes in the door a lot quicker rather than calling many different suppliers to find out where these parts are going to come from.
Michael Paul
Perfection Auto Service
I love being able to look at one screen to see all my parts’ availability.
Shereen Wagdi
Mr. Fixit Auto Care
PartsTech is easy to use and l love being able to see all my vendors in one search.
Traci Wherley
AA Auto Technicians, Inc
PartsTech keeps getting better and better. I am satisfied with the ongoing progress as well.
Usman Ahmad
Auto Care Center of Fredericksburg
I couldn’t imagine doing business without PartsTech!
Victor LaVarnway
Lemoore Tire and Auto

Great tool to save time and money! Overall it has saved our advisors so much time not having to call multiple vendors or use 6 different logins. We can see everything all at once and which warehouses items are located. We can submit an order to all vendors at once also.

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Brandon B.
Corporate Parts Director

Fantastic! I am a huge fan. Great software package for automotive service and tires. This company is dedicated to being the best and is always upgrading their product…these guys are committed to being the best.

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Tim J.

Great for speed of service. This has helped increase the speed of service when writing estimates for automotive repair. I like that you can see all the vendors at once when looking up a part.

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Kelly S.
Shop Manager

We love PartsTech. The software connects with our management software easily. It makes parts ordering and managing simple so we can worry about other parts of the business. We would not want to do our job without it.

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Amber M.
Office Manager

Favorite parts ordering system. 10 out of 10 recommend. So easy to see all suppliers, inventory, and prices to immediately compare.

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Michelle G.

PartsTech makes the service writing job much easier finding parts, shopping for parts quickly, and providing estimates quickly by showing all the vendor’s availability and pricing.

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Andrew B.
General Manager

Seamless integration! There are more vendors than we need but this integrates parts ordering seamlessly into our workflow. Previous providers did not have the same ease of integrating and required working with IT departments at the various providers. It’s easy to think it’s just part of the point-of-sale system.

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Russ K.

Wonderful timesaver! They have been great to deal with, good communication, and lots of improvements. It saves so much time by cross-shopping all the local parts stores!

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Alex R.

PartsTech simplified and consolidated things. It’s been great. It simplified and consolidated parts procurement.

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Paul C.

Use it, it’s awesome! Absolutely love this program. I love that I can look up the same part on 5 different platforms and it works flawlessly.

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Richard R.

PartsTech is easy to use and helps speed up the process of writing and estimating ROs.

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Tyler S.
Service Manager

Overall, it makes my day go a lot smoother than it used to. All because it saves me TIME! I love being able to search for parts from all my vendors in one location. It also easily lets me add those parts to my estimate without having to type each one in!

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Stephaney L.
Service Manager

Best all-in-one parts ordering system! 10/10 program. We have over 30 techs and 8 service writers using it daily. It allows one GUI for each vendor instead of having to learn the quirks of each website/software and it’s all in one window in your browser.

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Matt B.

Great parts lookup tool. One of the best features of this tool is being able to look up parts from multiple vendors based on the VIN of the vehicle and getting an accurate lookup of parts. We are able to customize in what order the vendors appear at the top of the page, and this helps us to find the most frequently used vendors.

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Gabriel Y.
Service Manager

PartsTech is great. Most vendors’ individual sites for ordering are not easy to use. PartsTech puts them all on one screen and makes estimating and ordering so much easier. It saves us so much time, not sure how we were running our business before PartsTech.

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Larry W.
Executive Director

PartsTech makes purchasing so easy. I like the ease of use and being able to compare multiple vendors on one platform, which increases work efficiency.

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Cher B.
Office Manager

PartsTech makes life easy. What I like the most is the ability to look up one part and see prices from all of my top vendors. I also love that the part number and prices transfer to the invoice seamlessly.

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Ryan C.

Awesome tool! Easy to use. Easy to train my guys on! If one store doesn’t have what I’m looking for I can tab over and shop another store. I feel like PartsTech has a great system in place.

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Andrew M.

PartsTech has improved parts margins and speed of service. I love being able to see multiple suppliers simultaneously, both their availability and prices.

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Wayne H.
Service Manager

Simply the best. Unbelievably easy to use and always up. Makes sales much easier and more profitable. After using a prior industry standard and switching to this product life has become SO much easier. Implementing the product was easy, as is using it. Most of all I have seen record sales since implementing.

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Brian S.

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