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PartsTech Basic Analytics — understand your overall parts spend

Overall spend: View your shop’s overall spend on PartsTech and the number of orders placed to understand where your money is going and identify opportunities to save.

Top suppliers: Gain quick insights into which suppliers your shop purchases the most parts from so you can optimize commercial agreements.

Historical order patterns: Understand cyclical patterns over time so your shop can better prepare for surges in demand or slowdowns. Easily access past orders to view the specifics of parts purchased and the delivery method.

Spend by users: See your parts spending broken down by PartsTech users to understand ordering patterns within your team.

Data export: Easily export spend reports data.

PartsTech Advanced Analytics — deep dive into your parts and tire ordering data

In addition to everything included in our Basic Analytics, your shop can up-level with these additional advanced reporting insights. 

Part spend: In addition to the overall spend data in Basic Analytics, you can see a breakdown of total part spend and total tire spend.

Parts and tire spend: View average price, number purchased and different types purchased on all parts and all tires. 

Individual analysis: Dive deeper at an individual part and tire level to see order frequency, average price, brands, and the most used supplier. Gain detailed visibility to clarify your spending habits and help you manage your budget more effectively.

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We have seen roughly about a 15% increase in both revenue along with 50% time saving per repair order.
Adam Schifman
PartsTech, all alone by itself, probably saves me close to three to four hours per day of my time.
Jesse Sammons
Love PartsTech! It is easy, quick and works well. I love the interchange data.

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Matt R.

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