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The State Of General Auto Repair Shops In The United States – A Benchmark Report By PartsTech

It is a fabulous time to be part of the general automotive repair industry. The average age of vehicles on the road is 12.5 years, the highest ever, and the United States auto repair industry is projected to be valued at $250 billion by 2033*.  As the industry grows and…
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SEO for Auto Repair Shops: A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Navigating the world of SEO might initially seem daunting, but SEO is a very achievable digital marketing tactic to implement and invaluable for your auto repair shop. …

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Webinar Recap: PartsTech’s Live Demo Of Premium Features

In our year-end webinar in December, we did a live demo of all the features available in PartsTech Free. During the Q&A, participants ask for more details …

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Streamlining Training and Accelerating Auto Repairs: The PartsTech Diagrams Advantage

In the face of the ongoing staffing shortage in the auto repair industry, the ability to swiftly train and onboard employees is crucial for maximizing overall shop …

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Webinar Recap: PartsTech’s Live Demo Of 2023 Product Releases

We had a blast with everyone who joined us for the PartsTech end-of-year demo webinar — a big thank you to all who tuned in live and …

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Interactive Full-Vehicle Diagrams – Find And Order Parts Fast

Have you ever needed to order a part for a repair but didn’t have the exact part name or number memorized? Don’t worry, you’re completely normal. However, …

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How To Boost Your Shop’s Tire Revenue By 20%

Tire shopping is an activity that many consumers find to be overwhelming. With so many factors to consider — size, speed rating, weather performance, safety rating, price, …

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