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Order the Right Auto Parts (the First Time) in One Place

When you’re booking a short trip or extended vacation, how do you find the best flights, rental cars, hotels, and experiences?  Many travelers turn to a trusted …

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Support Local Auto Suppliers with a Few Clicks (and Fewer Calls)

The Value of Ordering from Local Parts Suppliers As an auto shop, you and your local parts suppliers understand first-hand the importance of supporting local businesses. Whether …

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Don’t Let Slow Parts Procurement Hurt Your Bottom Line

A busy auto repair shop doesn’t always mean a profitable shop if there is staff chaos behind the scenes.  The secret to a successful shop lies in …

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3 Truths About Parts Ordering and Why Shops Switch to Online Parts Procurement

In 2017, auto shops gave three reasons why they changed their parts purchasing habits to online: Since then, the needs of shops and the needs of their …

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Debunked: 2 Myths on the “Risks” of Online Parts Ordering

More and more auto shops have switched to online parts ordering — a trend that is growing far faster than projected. In 2017, Hedges and Company, a …

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Overcoming the 3 Largest Issues Related to Parts Ordering

Parts procurement can be a huge source of pain in an auto shop. Most issues related to parts procurement can be bucketed into three areas: assessing availability, …

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The Big Lesson Learned from the Auto Parts Shortage

As the auto parts supply chain slowly improves, how can you make sure you are not overspending on parts while also ensuring you have what you need?

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PartsTech Raises $35M Series C: A Letter from the CEO

With this round of funding, we plan to scale our platform, data infrastructure, and team to bring more innovations into PartsTech as we work to become a total parts procurement solution. We will continue to bring the right technology and partners into PartsTech to give auto repair businesses a single place to find aftermarket parts, tires, and original equipment (OE) parts.

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PartsTech Secures $35M Series C Funding to Fuel Growth and Further Accelerate Auto Repair Leading B2B Automotive Parts Marketplace Lands Funding to Drive Innovation and Expansion BOSTON, …

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Advanced Business Computers of America, Inc. (ABCoA) and PartsTech Announce New Integration

PartsTech is excited to announce a new integration with Advanced Business Computers of America (ABCoA). This brings PartsTech’s best-in-class parts and tire procurement solution into ABCoA’s five-star …

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Dec 14th Webinar: The Best Of PartsTech In 2023 – A Live Demo