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PartsTech Raises $35M Series C: A Letter from the CEO

Today, the PartsTech team is celebrating some news that is earning all of the emoji reactions on our company-wide Slack channel!  🎉 PartsTech has raised a Series C funding round! Here are the facts: 💰Funding amount — $35 million in Series C capital 🤝 Round led by — OpenView, a…
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Order the Right Auto Parts (the First Time) in One Place

When you’re booking a short trip or extended vacation, how do you find the best flights, rental cars, hotels, and experiences?  Many travelers turn to a trusted …

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Support Local Auto Suppliers with a Few Clicks (and Fewer Calls)

The Value of Ordering from Local Parts Suppliers As an auto shop, you and your local parts suppliers understand first-hand the importance of supporting local businesses. Whether …

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Don’t Let Slow Parts Procurement Hurt Your Bottom Line

A busy auto repair shop doesn’t always mean a profitable shop if there is staff chaos behind the scenes.  The secret to a successful shop lies in …

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3 Truths About Parts Ordering and Why Shops Switch to Online Parts Procurement

In 2017, auto shops gave three reasons why they changed their parts purchasing habits to online: Since then, the needs of shops and the needs of their …

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Debunked: 2 Myths on the “Risks” of Online Parts Ordering

More and more auto shops have switched to online parts ordering — a trend that is growing far faster than projected. In 2017, Hedges and Company, a …

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Overcoming the 3 Largest Issues Related to Parts Ordering

Parts procurement can be a huge source of pain in an auto shop. Most issues related to parts procurement can be bucketed into three areas: assessing availability, …

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