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Support Local Auto Suppliers with a Few Clicks (and Fewer Calls)

May 31, 2023
3 mins read

The Value of Ordering from Local Parts Suppliers

As an auto shop, you and your local parts suppliers understand first-hand the importance of supporting local businesses. Whether independently owned or part of a national chain, your local suppliers are critical to your success because they, more often than not, are the ones who can get you the parts you need the fastest. 

The choices you make about parts ordering affect your customers, who just want to get back on the road; they impact your staff, who are trying to work quickly to get cars in and out of bays; they can also benefit your local economy and broader community if you can order from suppliers nearby. 

PartsTech understands the importance of procuring parts from local suppliers which is why you can prioritize seeing parts availability from your local providers first when you search for a part. At the same time, we help you find parts elsewhere with the utmost convenience and ease, should your local suppliers not have them in stock.

By being able to quickly search for parts, your shop will save 5-15 minutes on parts procurement per work order. 

Support Your Local Parts Suppliers and Find the Part You Need with Ease

Search Results Sorted by Supplier

As much as you like to hear a friendly voice on the phone, parts procurement calls eat up valuable minutes of each day. 

PartsTech’s online ordering system helps you keep local relationships strong and work faster while ensuring you still find the auto parts you need. 

When you search for a part on PartsTech, you can prioritize your suppliers so that the instant results will show what your nearby suppliers have in stock first, which helps reinforce those local relationships and the local economy. But if the part you need is out of stock locally, you can still turn to the more than 30,000 supplier locations to find what you need quickly so that you can get vehicles back to your customers ASAP.  

Search Results Sorted by Availability

Many times, it’s availability that matters as a customer anxiously waits for their vehicle to be fixed — so whether it’s the supplier down the street or one several states away, it’s easy to find the part you need, when you need it, in a single search. 

Reasons to Support Businesses in Your Area

Here are important things to remember when it comes to supporting your local businesses:

The choices you make about parts ordering affect your customers, staff, suppliers, and the broader community. 

By using a smart, online parts ordering platform, you make all these relationships — and your business — stronger. Open a free PartsTech account.

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