Auto Repair Productivity: When is the telephone a vacuum?

May 20, 2020
2 mins read

The telephone in your shop has a trick up its sleeve. It sucks money out of your wallet like a vacuum. How? By keeping you busy.

When you find yourself placing multiple calls to the parts counter, or logging in and re-entering the same vehicle information across multiple websites – that’s busy work. It’s a flurry of inefficient activity which keeps a person occupied, but not necessarily productive. And it’s a fair description of how most auto repair shops operate when it comes to sourcing parts.

A lot of time is spent trying to find the right parts, and the costs add up quickly. A service bay is tied up with a car on the lift and someone has to make multiple phone calls to find which jobber has the right parts in stock and ready for delivery.  Meanwhile, your customer is waiting while you get through these repetitive steps.

PartsTech helps you focus on productivity

Want to finish more jobs in the same amount of time? No, we can’t add more hours in the day, but the PartsTech system makes it easier to get the right parts, right now. Your favorite local suppliers are probably already in our system, which is built on one of the largest auto parts catalogs in the industry. Search in one place and get the exact results you need, right at the top of the list. It’s easy to search more deeply within the same window, too.

Mobile friendly

The PartsTech system runs on smartphones, technology your techs are comfortable with using. Instead of paper catalogs, CDs, 1890s telecommunication devices, and computer systems older than the technicians using them, the PartsTech solution is fast and responsive. Its streamlined experience includes high-quality photos to reduce costly ordering errors. We’re keeping track of feedback, too. Shops using our system help us find and fix incorrect data faster than just about anyone. Because we’ve got the best data, you can be sure you’ll get the most accurate order fulfillment. Accurate orders equal finished jobs, leading to happy customers and paid bills.

A powerful tool that’s free to use

So, while the telephone may be a money vacuum, PartsTech is a cash pipeline. Our latest-generation technology puts lots of power right at your fingertips, and it’s free to sign up. Start today. Waste less, make more.  

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