6 Reasons Why A Digital Vehicle Inspection Is A Must-Have

September 28, 2023
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In an era of growing technology and innovation, auto repair shops must keep pace with the latest advancements to meet customers’ preferences and remain competitive. One technology that’s transforming auto shops, boosting revenue, and building customer trust is digital vehicle inspection software. 

What Is A Digital Vehicle Inspection?

A digital vehicle inspection (DVI) is a software-driven approach to vehicle inspections in the automotive service industry. It removes the use of paper and pen — instead, it involves using software and mobile devices. These digital tools help your team to conduct thorough and detailed inspections of a vehicle’s condition, identify issues, and communicate findings to vehicle owners and service advisors. 

6 Reasons Why Your Auto Repair Business Should Prioritize The Adoption DVIs

1. Gain customer trust with enhanced transparency through a digital vehicle inspection.

It’s no secret that many auto repair shops need help to build customer trust. Digital vehicle inspections provide unprecedented transparency between your repair shop and the vehicle owner. 

Through comprehensive inspection reports created with DVI software, your customers gain complete knowledge of their vehicle’s condition, helping them make informed decisions. You do this by up-leveling your inspections to include photos, videos, and notes. These added details allow customers to see what is happening with their vehicle versus fearing that you are recommending services they don’t need. By providing them with a digital inspection, you help them to feel like they are part of the repair process. 

The best part is that you can email and/or text digital inspections to customers so they can take a look at your recommendations from wherever they happen to be. 

2. Improve inspection efficiency with vehicle inspection software.

Traditional paper inspections can be time-consuming, error-prone, and challenging to manage. Digital vehicle inspection software streamlines the process. By setting up various digital vehicle inspection templates based on your shop’s needs, you help your technicians to consistently and efficiently document potential issues using mobile devices — reducing the risk of errors and speeding up the inspection process. This enhanced efficiency translates to faster servicing and happier customers.

3. Bridge the gap between your technicians and service advisors.

Digital vehicle inspections are a strong solution to help you bridge communication gaps within your auto repair shop. With DVI software, your technicians can provide detailed, visual reports of potential issues to service advisors. This clear and concise communication ensures everyone is on the same page regarding the vehicle’s condition and necessary repairs. Service advisors can then relay this information to customers effectively, answer questions, and promptly address concerns.

4. Sell more services and increase your average repair order value.

One of the significant advantages of digital vehicle inspections is the ability to increase the number of up-sell and cross-sell approvals from customers. Technicians can visually highlight recommended services or maintenance items in the inspection report, making it easier for service advisors to present these options to customers. For example, if a customer can view a photo of their brake pads and see they need to be replaced soon, they will be more likely to approve the work to be done during their current visit instead of at a future date. This results in an increased Average Repair Order (ARO) and boosts your shop’s revenue while ensuring customers receive the necessary services to keep their vehicles in top condition.

5. Facilitate compliance and consistent documentation.

In the auto repair industry, compliance with regulations and standards is crucial. Digital vehicle inspections simplify compliance by maintaining digital records of inspections, repairs, and routine services. This documentation proves invaluable during audits, insurance claims, and warranty-related matters. It can also protect you in a situation where a customer believes you caused damage that was, in fact, pre-existing. 

6. Gain a competitive edge 

Adopting digital vehicle inspection technology positions you as a leader in your field. Customers are increasingly attracted to repair shops that leverage the latest technology for efficient and transparent communication and services. Embracing digital inspections will set your shop apart from competitors and attract customers who appreciate detailed reports and effective communication.

If you’re ready to use digital inspections, look into shop management software for your shop. Many auto repair shop management systems have digital vehicle inspections as part of their core product offerings. View article to learn more – click.

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