Doing Your Research – Getting to Know PartsTech

May 21, 2020
4 min read

You may have seen an ad, or heard about us from another shop. Maybe you had a distributor mention us or saw that we work with your management system. However you found us, we are glad you’re here and we are excited to help your business.

In case you have not spent too much time getting to know us, there are some things you may have missed when learning about PartsTech and all the ways we can help you get the parts you need fast.

Buckle up, there is a lot to see here…

Easy Search:

On PartsTech Searching for parts is easy. You can enter a vehicle in a couple different ways. With our Plate/ VIN. Parts populate for that EXACT vehicle for more accurate ordering. Our catalog of parts is one of the most comprehensive in the industry with over 7 million parts from over 1700 manufacturers supplied by tens of thousands of suppliers.

All Your Favorite Suppliers:

With PartsTech you keep your existing supplier relationships in your local market. Once you’re set up you’ll see live pricing and inventory from all of your suppliers in PartsTech. That means the right part, right now.

PartsTech connects with over 20,000 parts stores across the country. These include national chains such as NAPA and Advance, as well as many independent and locally owned locations.

For more information on which parts suppliers are on PartsTech Click Here.

SMS Integration Is A Snap:

PartsTech works with many popular Shop Management Systems in the industry. We make it easy to check and see if you can ‘turn on PartsTech’ in your SMS. And if we are not integrated with the platform you use, just give us a call and we can reach out to them. Our goal has always been to make sure your parts ordering experience is as easy as possible and that means not having to have multiple tabs open on your computer all day. You paid good money for your SMS experience to be an all-in-one access point to do the days business…PartsTech helps make it work even better.

For a list of management systems we currently integrate with Click Here.

Mobile Access:

Your can order parts from a smartphone or tablet and voice-activated ordering is right around the corner. Imagine being able to search and order all while never leaving the lift? PartsTech keeps your techs turning wrenches gets cars out on time.

Help When You Need It:

PartsTech is always adding to a deep library of how-to videos to walk you through everything from ordering to adding local and national suppliers getting your suppliers set up. Sometimes you just need an answer now and SEEING it can be easier.

Check out our knowledge base for all of our support articles.

We have a wide range of FAQ’s for more specific questions that should help for immediate questions. But if you need to speak to a human, we’ve got you covered. Your PartsTech Rep is always available to help. You can also email [email protected] with any questions comments or concerns.

Always Innovating:

Our mission was always to provide shops with the best online ordering experience in the industry and in doing so we knew it would help revolutionize how parts are ordered. Part of that commitment is to always be optimizing our creativity and tech savvy in a way that keeps our platform evolving. Go check out our PartsTech Lab page on our website and see some of the cool new things we are working on.

Shop Owners Love Us:

Whether it’s a small family-owned garage or a larger nationally recognized shop, PartsTech is rapidly becoming the ‘go-to’ source for parts in their markets. We have video testimonials on our YouTube channel from just a few of the shop owners who rely on PartsTech every day to help them get cars in and out of the bays quicker and for higher profits. You’re in good company!

Adding New Manufacturers Every Day:

An online parts search engine is only as good as the catalog it offers. PartsTech is engaged with and actively adding manufacturers to bring your shop the best selection of parts in the industry. The days of the old and inefficient paper catalogs taking up counter space at your local suppliers are gone. We work directly with manufacturers to get their parts and product updates uploaded within 24-48 hours, so you have the most up-to-date pricing, images, and specs to insure accurate ordering.

So, there you have it. A few more reasons to be excited about using PartsTech to handle all of your parts ordering. Our commitment to providing you simply the best online parts ordering experience is why we are here.

Getting started is easy! Create a free account on or log in if you already have an account. Once you create an account a PartsTech Rep will reach out and help you get set up.