Hard-to-find parts got your job stalled?

May 20, 2020
3 mins read

When you need a hard-to-find part, you want the most search options available. Your business depends on it.

Imagine you run a custom truck shop and you have a job to install a lift kit and new LED lights on a 2016 Chevy Colorado. Nice sized job but only one problem…none of your local suppliers has the adjustable front lift kit you need. You log into PartsTech and find that Advance Auto Parts in the next county not only has the exact SuperLift kit in stock for the Colorado, but they can get it to you overnight. Oh, and Another supplier has the Rigid Industries LED’s your customer really wants. Over 2,700 brands with 11.4 million parts numbers. That’s the power of PartsTech. We help you keep your shop moving.

Going Deep with PartsTech

You now have access to millions of parts from a deep catalog of manufacturer OEM’s like Motorcraft and MOPAR. Major retail distributors such as Advanced Auto Parts, Federated Auto, and Auto Zone are available as well as hundreds of custom distributors like Goodyear, Mahle, Monroe, and ANCO. The names you and your customer know and trust, all searchable through one platform. We understand that your time is valuable and spending it searching for parts through Google or some other search engine takes way too much time to page through hundreds of parts manufacturers. Reaching out to and loading the catalogs of hundreds of direct suppliers was our first priority and it’s paid off, big time.

“…with the different manufacturers, I am able to tell if it’s a better quality part or lesser quality part and that means a lot to me.” -Brian at Lou’s Custom Exhaust in Massachusetts

Did We Mention Pictures?

Yes, we have them. It seems like such a simple thing but your techs need to SEE the part before it’s ordered and PartsTech has high quality images available from all brand catalogs. You know you are always getting the right part, right from the start. No one wants to order a part ‘sight unseen’ only to have to waste time and money returning it because it was not an exact match for the old part you are replacing. This delays the job and upsets your customer.

Hard-to-find parts? No Such Thing at PartsTech…

The extensive catalog of available parts can help the custom shop AND the busy local garage. Say you have an extensive exhaust tear-down coming in on a 2004 Saab (not a make with readily available parts!) and you need a catalytic converter by tomorrow. Because it’s not a more popular make and model, your preferred jobbers don’t have the part in stock and can’t get it for a few days. Now what? After a few clicks with PartsTech, you find that CATCO, Eastern Catalytic and genuine Saab parts you can have shipped or delivered to your shop. Better yet, you can comparison shop them based on availability and price and immediately see which one has the quickest delivery option. Simple, huh?

More Brands, Less Time Searching.

PartsTech has made sure that you have access to millions of parts for not only the simple repair or maintenance jobs but also the custom work on rods and trucks (and everything in between). Hundreds of brands available through our website means less time searching other sites for parts. Log in today and search for that next ‘needle in a haystack’ part. We know where to find it…

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