How PartsTech Has the Most Up-to-Data Parts Catalog in the Auto Industry

May 23, 2024
Product Updates
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Ever wondered how PartsTech gets its catalog data? Let’s break it down. 

Commitment to Accurately Representing Suppliers’ Inventory and Manufacturers’ Data 

To meet the quality standards we have set for ourselves in serving our auto shop customers and the suppliers who trust in us, PartsTech works around the clock to maintain the most up-to-date catalog in the industry. 

To keep our catalog up-to-date, we have an in-house data team. The PartsTech data team works tirelessly with both manufacturers and suppliers to ensure the catalog we present is precise and current. 

How PartsTech Gets Its Catalog Data 

All parts catalogs in the industry, including PartsTech, receive new and/or updated product data in the same way: A parts manufacturer produces a catalog file with their most up-to-date parts and catalog data and sends it to suppliers across the industry. Everyone gets the same file.

How PartsTech Handles Catalog Updates

If parts catalogs across the industry receive the same data file, why do no two catalogs look the same? 

While the underlying catalog data is the same, it’s how products are presented that differs. At PartsTech, we focus on accurate and detailed parts data, user-friendly presentation of that data, and easy interaction with the data as shown in the example below. 

Another significant difference is the speed at which a catalog is updated after receiving a new parts data file from a manufacturer. With data team members located in both the United States and Europe, PartsTech can update its catalog within 24-48 hours of receiving a new data file. In contrast, the industry standard for other catalogs is 4-8 weeks to make new or updated product data available.

This rapid turnaround time means you’re always working with the most current information in PartsTech, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring optimal service for your customers.

The PartsTech Data Team is Always Combing Through and Improving Our Catalog Data 

Repair shops, suppliers, and manufacturers trust PartsTech to represent parts data accurately, which is why our data team constantly communicates with manufacturers to request catalog updates, investigates discrepancies by talking to the suppliers’ catalog teams, and implements swift updates and corrections. 

Our catalog people demonstrate daily, unwavering commitment to our users. We have high standards and are very proud of the catalog we produce. It is my privilege to work with this team.

Perry Friedman, Vice President of Data Management at Partstech

This commitment ensures that both repair shops and suppliers can rely on PartsTech for top-quality data management. 

PartsTech Values Catalog Excellence 

Our data team knows that the precision of the PartsTech catalog is only possible through deep collaboration with manufacturers’ data teams and supplier catalog teams across the industry. Because of this, each year at the ACPN Conference, we give a Receiver’s Choice Award to recognize a data team in the industry for their unwavering commitment to catalog application and part data integrity, precision, and completeness. 

At ACPN 2024, PartsTech presented the Receiver’s Choice Award to the data team at CARDONE. The CARDONE data team, along with all past award receivers, is dedicated to catalog excellence and focused on timeliness, collaboration, and continued improvement of parts data quality for the industry. 

We have always taken pride in our catalog and ensured its quality. We truly appreciate our partnership with PartsTech and look forward to providing a great catalog and content for years to come! 

Vicki DiLeggi, Manager, Product Content, First Brands Group (CARDONE)

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