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Improved Brake Taxonomy Goes Live!

May 15, 2020
1 min read

Partstech has just finished a complete overhaul of its brake category which is now live for all PartsTech customers. This update significantly enhances the user experience while reducing inefficiencies in sourcing brake parts. This change was created to eliminate the trouble users face when attempting to find certain brake parts.

Changes Include

– We’ve reduced the number of brake categories by over 50%. This change makes it easier for users to understand where to find their part at a glance.

– We’ve made our part categories more intuitive by grouping parts related to specific jobs. For example, you can now find Rotors and Pads in one place – rather than two separate groupings.

– We’ve created multiple ways to find a part based on common search patterns. Parts were mapped to multiple relevant groupings to improve part recall. For example, you can find Caliper Guide Pins by searching Calipers & Wheel Cylinders or Hardware / Cables / Kits.

– We’ve improved our brake parts grouping logic by moving certain parts into more relevant groupings. For example, Master Cylinders and Boosters is now part of Hydraulics.
The good news doesn’t stop here. All part categories will be getting the same overhaul as brakes. Next on the list will be steering and suspension. Stay tuned for more blog updates as we progress.

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