July 2021 System Updates & News

July 30, 2021
4 min read

The PartsTech team has been hard at work adding new features, supplier integrations, and improvements to the system. Here are some of the things we released this month.

Schulz Motor Parts Is Now Available on PartsTech!

We’re excited to welcome Schulz Motor Parts to PartsTech! Since 1965 Schulz Motor Parts has delivered choice, integrity, and service to the Chicagoland area. Their in-store associates have an average of 30 years of industry experience.

Schulz has a substantial on-site inventory of top-quality, competitively priced automotive parts. With their extra-staffed hot shot delivery crew, you can expect to receive local orders within the hour.

Adding Schulz Motor Parts to your PartsTech account is easy. For a step-by-step walkthrough, you can check out our Knowledge Base guide here

Integration Update: Better Inventory Visibility For AutoZone

We recently released an update that makes it easier for you to see where you’re order is coming from when your local store is out of stock. Knowing when your order will arrive helps you plan your workday, and keeps you from tying up a lift with a vehicle that’s waiting for parts.

Previously on PartsTech, AutoZone results would display inventory at your primary location, and inventory “In-Network.” Now PartsTech will list the inventory for each store, hub, and warehouse in your area, giving you a better idea of when your parts will arrive. Here’s what it looks like on-site.

Our technical team works closely with the distributors like AutoZone to turn customer feedback into real-world improvements. Our goal is to build an ordering experience that helps you make informed buying decisions and increase efficiency at the shop.

PartsTech Tires Now Displays FET Tax Approximation On-Site

Tires with a maximum load index higher than 3,500lbs are subject to a federal excise tax (FET) based on their weight and load capacity, not their sale price. Tires subject to FET will now display an approximation of this cost so that you can avoid sticker shock and inaccurate quotes. You’ll also see a FET estimate in the cart where applicable. Please note, the cost displayed here is an approximation and your actual costs may vary.

Search For Tires By Size Without the Special Formatting

You asked, we delivered! We made it much easier to search for tires size. We removed the need for letters and special characters. Just enter a string of numbers and PartsTech will handle the rest!

New and Improved Subscriptions Menu

We’ve made it easier to add and manage your PartsTech Plan and Add-ons. Our new and improved subscriptions menu shows you at a glance what plan you’re on, and any add-ons you may have on your account. Looking to add a subscription or upgrade from PartsTech Free? This new menu makes it easier than ever to learn about and subscribe to additional PartsTech Features. Check out the new subscriptions menu here.

Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming features from PartsTech designed to save time, cut hassles, and customize PartsTech to fit your business.

Other System Enhancements Added This Month:

  • PartsTech will automatically switch to a tires search if you enter “tire” or “tires” into the search bar.
  • Some suppliers will now display street addresses for their locations.
  • SMS’s can now access tire warranty through the API
  • Adding & managing credit cards is now much easier with our improved Payments Menu

The PartsTech team has been hard at work adding new features, supplier integrations, and improvements to the system. Here are some of the things we released this month.

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