What is PartsTech?

May 20, 2020
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We Make Ordering Auto Parts Easy

PartsTech is a better way to search for parts. We help shops focus on productivity by making parts ordering fast, easy, and accurate. PartsTech puts all of your wholesale parts suppliers in one look-up. Search once and see your wholesale pricing and live local inventory from all of your parts suppliers. Read more to find out how PartsTech helps shops save time, reduce headaches, and turn added productivity into profits.

No More Playing Telephone

Nobody likes to be put on hold. When you’re tracking down parts for a vehicle that’s tying up one of your lifts, you can’t afford to wait. With PartsTech, you can check stock from all of your local wholesalers in one place. Click through, find what you need, and place the order online in seconds. Plus, you can compare the parts in hand to the parts on screen. Your parts arrive on the same truck, delivered by the same drivers billed to your same wholesale credit accounts. No added mark-ups and no hidden fees. In fact, PartsTech is free for repair shops! When the parts show up you know exactly what to expect, no surprises.

Ensure Accuracy, Reduce Returns.

The PartsTech catalog is the most up-to-date in the industry with over 13 million parts from 3,400 brands. PartsTech receives product info and fitment information direct from the manufacturer. That means you can order with confidence knowing that you’re getting the right parts every time. Returns waste time, and make for unhappy customers. Getting the wrong parts means lost profits and lost productivity. PartsTech makes entering vehicles fast and easy. allowing you to search by VIN, license plate, or the traditional year/make/model search. That way you can be sure the parts you order will fit the vehicle you’re working on.

Lightning Fast & Easy to Use

PartsTech was built from the ground up to be simple, clean, and comprehensive. Why should ordering parts online be harder than ordering anything else? Other online ordering systems are based on ancient tech, or only allow you to order from one distributor. PartsTech is lightning fast because it’s built on modern tech. No fancy system requirements here. All you need is an internet connection. PartsTech pulls in results from all of your suppliers in seconds so that you can find what you need fast without the wait.

Constantly Updated

What does data have to do with auto parts? As vehicles become more complicated, knowing whether an alternator fits a 2012 or a 2013 comes down to having the right data. PartsTech regularly receives the latest data directly from manufacturers like ACDelco, Motorcraft, Bosch, and many more. That means new products, updates to existing product info, and superseded parts appear on your screen within 24 hours. Other online ordering systems get their data from a 3rd party, meaning updates can take up to 90 days to appear on their system. Our team is hard at work constantly updating our parts database, adding new features, product lines, and suppliers to the platform. Since PartsTech lives in the cloud, updates are instantaneous with no annoying installs or downtime.

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We make ordering auto parts easy.

PartsTech is a better way to search for auto parts. We enable repair shops to focus on productivity by reducing time wasted in the part research and ordering process. PartsTech puts all of the distributors you buy from in one place. Search once and see pricing and availability with all of your local parts stores. Order the same parts at the same price but without any of the hassle.