New From PartsTech: PartsTech Tires Comparison Tool

February 04, 2022
2 min read

PartsTech has launched a powerful new sales tool as part of PartsTech Tires. PartsTech Tires is a widely-adopted add-on to PartsTech, the popular online aftermarket parts ordering platform. The platform is designed to boost efficiency and productivity by organizing all of a repair shop’s wholesale suppliers of tires and parts into one easy-to-use online ordering system. With a streamlined procurement solution like PartsTech, shops can see wholesale pricing, local inventory and place orders to all of their part and tire suppliers in one look-up. This new quoting tool takes things one step further–allowing shops to create customer-friendly tire quotes displaying out-the-door costs for tire services in seconds.

Travis Beaulieu, PartsTech Senior Product Manager explains, “We’re excited to roll out our tire comparison & quoting features. This feature set is designed to significantly help shops streamline their tire quoting process, look more professional doing it, and ultimately grow their sales. We are eager for feedback to keep improving our tires offerings.”

Tire dealers and repair shop service advisors often need to build customized quotes for their customers on the fly. Now, using PartsTech, advisors can either flip the monitor at the service counter to show a detailed quote to an in-person customer, or text/email that custom quote to a customer from anywhere.

A new feature allows the advisor to toggle between their wholesale pricing and a fully configurable out-the-door cost for the job on the spot. With the new functionality, customers receive a responsive, mobile-friendly version of the quote featuring a “Good/Better/Best” comparison view. The customer can then select the tires they want with the click of a button. If the shop uses one of PartsTech’s compatible shop management systems, the system automatically adds the customer’s tire selection to the work order, and notifies the service advisor of the customer’s choice by email.

The new feature rollout was based on research which included customer requests, competitive feature analysis, customer interviews, and sales team interactions/focus groups. Beta testing has indicated a high level of interest and satisfaction with the PartsTech Tires quoting tool, and the sales team has noted an uptick in sales of the PartsTech Tires system when demoing the Beta version of this new quoting tool.

Beaulieu also said the system has many enhancements forthcoming in their continued push to improve customer experience and differentiate themselves from competing systems. The ability to leave shops notes, set preferred brands, and quote tires and parts together are some near-term initiatives on the roadmap now.

For repair shops or tire dealers who would like to see more, check out the product video: