One Free and Easy Way to Give Your Auto Shop the Gift of More Time

May 15, 2024
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Auto repair shops are bustling hubs of activity — juggling multiple customer needs, diagnosing issues, answering the phone, hunting down the right parts, and MUCH more. In the middle of this whirlwind, the last thing most shop owners feel they have is extra time.  

What if you could save 15 minutes per repair order? 

Incremental time savings add up fast. What would that look like if one process change could save you 15 minutes per repair order?

Let’s say your shop completes an average of 10 repair orders per day. Saving 15 minutes per repair order would mean saving 150 minutes daily (or 2.5 hours). In a five-day work week, that’s 12.5 hours per week. In a year, that’s 650 hours saved. 

What would you do with that saved time?

25,000 shops across the United States are already saving an average of 15 minutes per repair order by changing one process. 

One Quick and Easy Process Change, Immediate Time Savings 

Streamlining every area of your shop with well-defined processes is critical to a successful business, and changing your parts and tire ordering process is a very easy place to start.

Let’s talk about an integrated parts and tire ordering system.

By placing all of your suppliers’ inventory into an integrated parts and tire ordering system, you can search for parts and tires across all of your favorite suppliers in one lookup. One search allows you to instantly compare prices and availability across all your preferred suppliers without juggling multiple calls, website tabs, and logins. 

After you identify the parts you need to complete a repair order, you can add parts from multiple suppliers to a single cart and click once to order. 

You can maintain the same relationships with your suppliers and get the same discounts you’ve established with each supplier — while saving a lot of time and servicing your customers faster.

No Software to Download. No Credit Card Required. Super Easy to Learn.

Some systems that improve processes can take time to implement and learn, but an integrated parts and tire ordering system like PartsTech is super simple to set up and start using. All you need is an internet connection, an internet browser, and your pre-existing account information for each supplier (which you can easily find on one of your past purchase orders). If you have a shop management system (SMS), you can quickly turn on the PartsTech integrated within your SMS after you’ve created your PartsTech account.

Once you create a free account and connect your suppliers, it’s easy to instantly start searching for parts and tires and reap the time savings.

Real Shops Talk About Their Integrated Parts and Tire Ordering Experience Using PartsTech

Time Savings. Time Savings. Time Savings. 

Listen to these five shops talk about the time savings they have discovered through PartsTech

Easy to Learn. Easy to Use.

“PartsTech is a very easy program to understand. So long as somebody can use a mouse and a keyboard, they can use PartsTech. Our service writers didn’t need training. It was straightforward. It’s like searching Google, to be honest.”

Brian Wilcox (Service Advisor) and Kevin Krygsheld (Shop Manager/Owner), Lynwood Tire & Auto Service, Inc. 

“PartsTech is Google of automotive parts — it’s extremely easy to search for parts. I couldn’t run the amount of numbers that I do without PartsTech.”

Felix Diaz, Founder & CEO, Motoro Cars

Couldn’t Operate Without PartsTech 

“We’ve had PartsTech from day one of operation, and I couldn’t fathom trying to do business without it. Countless vendors on one platform, and we’ve now integrated it with two shop management systems flawlessly.” 

Victor LaVarnway, Owner, Lemoore Tire and Auto

Give Yourself the Gift of Time — for Free (We Mean It. Completely Free.)

Your time is precious, and we want to help you reclaim more of it. Sign up for a PartsTech Free account (Yes, it’s 100% free. No credit card required. No contract). Our team is here to help you through setup and usage, ensuring a seamless transition into time-saving productivity.

Give PartsTech a try.

Here’s a glimpse of what it’s like to search for parts across all suppliers in PartsTech:

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