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Order the Right Auto Parts (the First Time) in One Place

June 01, 2023
Shop Tips & Best Practices
5 mins read

When you’re booking a short trip or extended vacation, how do you find the best flights, rental cars, hotels, and experiences?  Many travelers turn to a trusted travel site, such as Expedia, booking.com, or Kayak. Why? Sites like these save you the hassle of going to countless websites or picking up the phone dozens of times to book the perfect trip to suit your schedule and budget. Instead, you can easily search for and book everything in one place.

For auto shops, think of PartsTech as your “Expedia of auto parts ordering”. PartsTech offers a parts procurement service that you’ll find convenient, easy to use, and trustworthy. Above all, we make it seamless for you to find and order from multiple suppliers, including ones just down the road or across the country, to get you the part you need when you need it, at the right price. 

Say Goodbye to Hours on the Phone 

Phone calls take up a lot of time. It’s one reason why travelers gave up on agencies and started booking via Expedia more than 25 years ago to search for travel needs such as airline flights. With one search, they could see all the flights across all airlines for their desired travel dates and destination in one place. 

Likewise, ordering auto parts online gives you the power to discover and compare parts from multiple suppliers on a single results page. With the click of a mouse, you can tap into all of your suppliers to find the exact part(s) that fits the job. (Note: PartsTech has more than 30,000 suppliers on its platform).  

The biggest time saver is that you can skip the tedious description process or rhyming off long parts numbers over the phone. Instead of calling around, you can get the order done significantly fast online.

PartsTech customers have found that they save an average of 5 to 15 minutes searching for parts on each work order. Ultimately, this means that the part will arrive sooner to your shop — allowing your technicians to get started on a job sooner. 

“[PartsTech is a] great tool to save time and money! Overall, it has saved our advisors so much time not having to call multiple vendors or use 6 different logins. We can see everything all at once and where warehouse items are located. We can submit an order to all vendors at once also.”

Brandon B., Corporate Parts Director

Don’t Worry About Accuracy of Part Availability

As supply chains change, PartsTech continually updates its catalog faster than anyone in the industry. In fact, we have an entire Data Team dedicated to the integrity and quality of our data catalog. 

You’re always working off of the latest and greatest availability, pricing, and descriptions in real-time. No more catalog CDs or annoying software updates. Simply go to the PartsTech website directly or order parts from within one of our 35+ PartsTech-linked shop management systems — the catalog is already up to date. 

Just as Expedia is always adding new partners to grow the depth and breadth of the travel services they offer, PartsTech is continuously bringing aboard new suppliers, manufacturers, and shop management partners to empower shops with everything they need for a great parts ordering experience. 

Reduce Aggravation — Order Parts with a One-Click Search or VIN/License Plate Number 

When preparing to travel, you have enough on your mind. Did you pack everything? Does the pet sitter have what they need? How will you keep your kids occupied on the airplane? That’s why having your itinerary in order through sites like Expedia is so awesome — it saves time and you don’t have to think about it. 

Similarly, as you’re building a vehicle estimate, you don’t want every line to eat up valuable minutes of your time. Time costs money in an auto shop. 

PartsTech makes it easy to find the right parts fast by using a VIN or license plate number or by typing in a part type to search for a part. 

Plus, PartsTech works on all of your devices. Order the parts you need via: 

  • A smartphone in the bay
  • A tablet in the service lane
  • The shop management system in the office

Each of these options works seamlessly to reduce stress during the entire value chain of sourcing, ordering, delivery, and installation of parts. 

Once you bring up a list of parts, you can discover and compare parts from unlimited suppliers until you find the right fit and price. PartsTech’s filters and clear text descriptions guide you through the process with less thinking and less mental stress.

When you use a quick and easy search engine for parts, you can send your customers estimates faster and get their approvals faster. They will appreciate knowing an expert has identified the problem and found a way to fix it in a timely manner. 

Trustworthy Parts Ordering

Above all, you aim to earn respect and trust from customers so they return and tell their friends about your shop. At the end of the day, we know that the brand of a part doesn’t matter to your customer, because it’s your brand name that is on the service.

Having a smooth and accurate operation reinforces all the hard work you do to earn that reputation. No one likes surprises, especially ones that cost time or money. 

Just like Expedia vets their partners, PartsTech vets all suppliers and works tirelessly with them to keep our catalog up to date. This ensures you have exactly what you need — on the first try — so you can move repairs along quickly and avoid time-consuming reorders or fruitless attempts to install the wrong part. 

Why start over when you can get it right the first time?

Sign up for a free PartsTech account and give it a try as your one-stop shop for parts procurement. 

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