Give Your Shops What They Want – A Better Way to Order Parts

May 21, 2020
4 min read

Your management system was designed for one reason and one reason alone…to help repair shops manage all aspects of their business in one convenient platform. It’s there to help shop owners save time, money, organize everything from customer information to RO’s to marketing and just about everything in between. You want to simplify their daily lives and to help them grow their business.

In the end, it’s all about the value your platform brings.

So ask yourself…are you making the parts ordering experience equally easy? Can your shop jump right into a comprehensive parts search engine in your SMS and immediately be able to source any parts they need right now? Or do you offer ANY parts ordering capabilities within your SMS?

PartsTech can help either way.

Is More Really Better?

If your SMS offers multiple parts ordering interfaces for different suppliers, sure, it gets the job done but is it the most efficient way to help them get parts? Probably not.

A shop manager doesn’t want to waste time clicking in and out of parts catalogs. Using different supplier interfaces is like speaking different languages. Shop managers need a one stop shop where they can source the part NOW. Multiple searches is frustrating and wastes time. For repair shops, time is money.

Your shops ultimately want to be able to find parts with one click functionality. That’s where PartsTech comes in.PartsTech connects repair shops with millions of parts both on a local scale and national (for hard to find parts). Our online parts search engine adds a level of value to your SMS that your shops will appreciate.

No Parts Ordering in Your SMS?

If your platform doesn’t currently offer a way for shop to order parts, you need to. Now.

You want your end users to see your SMS as the answer to all of their daily headaches and the one thing that makes all aspects of the business runs smoothly. But if your shop owner has to jump out of your platform to pick up the phone or open up multiple tabs to search other websites for parts, how long will it be before they begin to wonder if there is another SMS that could give them that easy access?

Don’t let them ask that question. Let PartsTech handle the parts and do the heavy lifting to make it happen.

How PartsTech Adds Value To Your System.

It’s all about value and PartsTech’s ability to bring your customer the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive parts search helps to increase the value of your SMS by leaps and bounds.

  • Next Gen Parts Ordering – Our API leverages the full weight of our extensive catalog that includes over 1700 brands, 20,000 retailers, and over 7 million parts. Quick search by VIN or plate connects your shops with all of their favorite local suppliers. We help your developers with everything from testing to launch with world-class support.
  • One Platform Does It All – No need to build out a separate parts ordering platform within your SMS. PartsTech is a cloud-based online parts search engine that gives your shop one portal to ALL local and national distributors. One search, millions of parts.
  • A Familiar Look – Many shops already use PartsTech and are already familiar with the look and feel of ordering through us. It’s easy, fast, and a more accurate. Since PartsTech is cloud based they can order from mobile devices, too. Offering direct access to PartsTech will make them happy, trust us.
  • One Search, All Of Your Suppliers – We all know shops have favorite local distributors and retailers they like to do business with. PartsTech lets them set up their favorite suppliers so they can see at a glance who has the part they need right now. No clicking here and there, no multiple tabs, and no wasting time.

Stand Out From The Crowd.

Today’s shop management systems are working hard to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Everyone is offering the next level of support or the latest and greatest tech. But what your shops needs the most are tools to help them grow and become more efficient. How they order parts is one of the largest pieces of that puzzle.

Offering a multichannel parts ordering search like PartsTech gives them exactly what they need. Over 30 SMS providers have already included our API as part of their service and offering a parts ordering experience that helps take their business to the next level. Isn’t it time you offered the same?

Reach out to us at PartsTech for a free demo and see just how easy it is to have us be a part of your SMS.

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