New — Connect To 30 Tire Suppliers For Free In PartsTech

October 31, 2023
Product Updates
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Wait, PartsTech Has Parts AND Tires? 

Yep! We have over 50 tire suppliers in our network. And PartsTech is the only platform where you can access more than 30 of those suppliers FREE OF CHARGE.

Quickly Find And Order The Right Tires For Every Vehicle With Access To All Your Tire Suppliers In One Place

Whether you are a tire shop or an auto repair shop that offers tire services, PartsTech Tires allows you to quickly search available inventory from all your preferred tire suppliers — in one place. 

You can quickly understand tire details such as rebate info, performance and speed rating, trim level, tread images, and more. Regarding tire safety, you will see a warning next to a tire if the speed rating or load index is below spec for the vehicle you plan to service.

Not only can you see real-time tire availability from all of your suppliers, but you can also view real-time pricing, where the tire is located, and the cut-off or delivery times. 

This makes it easy to find and order the correct tires fast. 

Top Use Cases For PartsTech Tires

Quickly recommend tires to a customer

Recommending the right tires to a customer depends on several pieces of information to find the proper tire fitment for the weather conditions, usage, etc. PartsTech Tires makes it easy to confidently recommend tires with the ability to search tires by size or vehicle make and model. Search result filters help narrow your search further and quickly recommend tires that meet the customer’s needs.

Easily order tires for a vehicle

With the ability to view real-time tire availability and price from all your tire suppliers, you can see which supplier can deliver a set of tires the fastest. Once a customer makes a selection, they will be anxious for you to get the tires and get them installed. The faster you get the tires to your shop, the more likely you will impress your customers with excellent, fast service. 

Impress customers with visual tire comparison quotes

For a service that often attracts customers shopping around for the best options and prices, you can help your team quickly spin up tire comparison quotes. The ability to create quotes fast keeps your team from sinking too much time into a task that may or may not end in a sale while putting your best foot forward to provide the inquiring customer with a good experience. Not only is this easy to do, but it makes it easy for the customer to see their options in detail — helping them make an informed decision based on price, desired performance, etc. 

PartsTech customers who are leveraging PartsTech Tire Comparison see a 20% increase in tire revenue. Learn more about Tire Comparison (click here).

See How You Can Access And Connect To More Than 30 Tire Suppliers For Free

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Start exploring our expanded free tire supplier network today. And don’t forget, if a job requires tires and parts, you can find and order everything you need on PartsTech. 

Log in to your PartsTech account to see what tire suppliers are available in your area. 

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FAQ –  Can I search and order from American Tire Distributors, U.S. Autoforce, and NTW?

Yes, American Tire Distributors, U.S. Autoforce, and NTW are searchable through a PartsTech Plus subscription.

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