PartsTech Helps Repair Shops Focus On Productivity

May 15, 2020
2 min read

These days, successful repair shops must focus on productivity to stay ahead. These modern shops need tools that help save time and eliminate inefficiency. That’s why we recently redesigned our auto parts search engine and ordering system to help shops spend more time on what’s important: running their business.

Those minutes you spend looking for parts with paper catalogs, on the phone, or clicking around in poorly-designed antique ordering tools, they add up to a significant block of hours in just an average week. With PartsTech, we can help you get that time back. And how you use the time is up to you. Turn it into money by fixing more vehicles, or just knock off early and go fishing. It’s your time, use it however you like.

Maybe you’ve already noticed our changes. Our user interface is easier to use thanks to feedback from our partner shops. It’s faster, too, so you’ll spend less time clicking around. Check out how you can change your search or start a new one from anywhere on the site. Add items to an order, and they show up on the right side of the window in the new Speed Cart so you can complete your purchase with fewer clicks. We don’t make you click through a bunch of options and categories before you can find what you need, either. Just type a few keywords and find your parts.

Together with all the new, we’ve kept the stuff that was already great about PartsTech. In a single search, users can quickly understand exactly who has the right part is in-stock, and when it will arrive at your location. Easily identify your vehicle with the License Plate and VIN search – a simple, automatic way to speed up vehicle identification and increase order accuracy. And browse a huge parts catalog with over 3 million individual parts from 700 brands, including the most up-to-date product information, videos and 360° images.

So get ready to increase your productivity and save time thanks to the PartsTech system and our new interface. We’ll keep working hard on new changes, too.