Your SMS, Our Parts Search Engine…A Winning Combination.

May 20, 2020
3 min read

Give Your Users a Better Parts Ordering Experience

Technology is changing everything for the shop owners that use your software. Your users – shop owners and techs –  rely on shop management systems like yours to help them with everything from payroll, tracking hours, estimating, RO’s, P/L, and point-of sale functionality. Your SMS has to do a lot of heavy lifting to be an indispensable part of helping them be as profitable as possible.

With all those functions built into your system, there is one feature that every shop needs and that can make-or-break the efficiency of their repair jobs and level of customer satisfaction…parts ordering. And guess what? PartsTech does the heavy lifting for you.

Who Are We?

PartsTech was built with repair facilities in mind and offers a unique, one-stop online search that taps into a network of over 20,000 retailers and distributors, over 1600 brands, and 6 million parts number and growing. Users can see live pricing and inventory from all of their local suppliers in one easy to use interface.

Ordering is a breeze through our cloud-based search engine. Service writers can simply enter a plate number or VIN, get all the exact specs for the part, and log in to find local suppliers near them that have it in stock. Their preferred jobbers populate first and if they don’t have the part, PartsTech can connect them with suppliers in their city, state, or across the country for the hard to find parts they need. High quality images, warranty info, and delivery times add to the fast and easy online ordering experience for hundreds of shops nationwide.

We help your customers save time, reduce returns, and increase profits all without leaving your SMS experience. We’ve reinvented parts ordering.

Out With The Old…

And in with the new. No more 90’s era interface here. We give repair shops an online ordering experience that mirrors how they order everything else online. We give them a modern functionality that works fast and connects them not only to their preferred local vendors, but also to a world of suppliers for all of their parts needs. From the simple starter to the hard-to-find gasket. PartsTech helps your customers find the right part, right now.

Our robust catalog of parts and ordering API has already been implemented in many premier shop-facing systems with great results. Top SMS developers are welcoming the addition of PartsTech to their platform. They feel it’s helping to make their offering a more complete tool for their shop users who want a true one-stop-shop to help them manage repairs better and grow their business faster.

It’s the future of parts ordering and PartsTech is leading the way.

So How Do We Do This Anyway?

The API allows developers to leverage PartsTech’s extensive catalog, e-commerce, and estimating capabilities in your SMS, POS or other garage-facing application. If you are a developer and are looking to add a comprehensive parts ordering system to your platform, we’ve got it covered.

We work with your developers to help guide them through all aspects of integration, testing, and provide dedicated support to insure PartsTech and your SMS are a perfect match. And the best thing? The API is free. Improve functionality with no additional cost to your customers. Nothing to do but let us work our magic to help your shops gets their parts faster within your SMS. Trust us…the PartsTech tab will be their best friend.

Want to Learn More?

We thought you would never ask! To see how easy it is to integrate PartsTech into your SMS, reach out to you today for a no-obligation FREE demo. Contact us.

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