Prepare Your Auto Repair Shop For The Era Of EVs: Train Your Technician Now

March 01, 2024
Shop Tips & Best Practices
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The shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) is transforming the automotive industry, presenting both challenges and opportunities for auto repair shops. A major component in navigating this transition successfully is the training of your technicians in EV services. We surveyed 618 general auto repair shops in the United States and found that proactively training technicians in EV services has a significant impact on a shop’s feelings of preparedness and confidence.

The Impact of EV Training on Shop Readiness and Confidence

In the survey, 28% of respondents across the United States selected “electric vehicles” as their top challenge in the coming 5 years. Among those whose team has not received EV-specific training, 39% selected “electric vehicles” as their top challenge — indicating a high apprehension towards handling EV repairs and maintenance. Contrastingly, only 15% of shops whose teams had been trained in EV services shared this concern — highlighting the effectiveness of proactive EV training in mitigating fears and boosting confidence.

The Current State of Servicing EVs

Despite the growing presence of EVs on the road, a large portion of auto repair shops are still in the early stages of integrating EV services. According to the survey results:

  • 23% of shops currently do not service EVs at all.
  • 33% of shops report that EVs make up less than 5% of their total annual car service count.

With the number of EVs on the road expected to grow significantly by 2030, this data shows a significant gap in the number of shops that are prepared, emphasizing the need for shops to adapt quickly to the evolving automotive landscape.

The Urgent Need for EV Training

With projections anticipating that EVs will constitute 10% of all U.S. registered vehicles by 2030, the urgency for auto service shops to equip their technicians with EV-specific skills cannot be overstated. Send your technicians to EV training if you haven’t already. Focus on the most in-demand services, preparing your team not just to meet current needs but to anticipate future trends and technologies in EV maintenance and repair.

Prioritizing EV Service Training

For shops that aim to increase their service to EVs and prepare for the influx of EVs that coming, understanding which services are most popular is key. These services include including:

  • Brake maintenance
  • Battery replacement and health checks
  • Electrical system and charging system checks
  • Electrical motor repair
  • Inverter repair
  • and more (see chart below)

Focusing training efforts on these areas ensures that technicians are well-versed in the essential aspects of EV servicing, from basic maintenance to more complex repairs.

Here’s the full list of top-performed EV services according to those who participated in our survey whose shop services 5% or more EVs as part of their annual car count:

Top Takeaway: Technician Training is Key to Success in the EV Era

The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable, and the readiness of auto repair shops to handle EV servicing will be a decisive factor in their success in this new era. The survey findings make a compelling case for the immediate need for comprehensive EV training programs. By proactively developing your technicians’ skills in EV services, your shop can overcome the anticipated challenges, reduce apprehension, and seize the opportunities presented by the increasing adoption of electric vehicles. Investing in training today is not just preparation for the future — it’s a strategic move to lead in the automotive industry’s ever-changing landscape.

To see more insights and benchmark data from repair shops across the U.S., download our industry report — click here.