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4 Reasons Why SMS Developers Love PartsTech

May 20, 2020
3 mins read

4 Reasons Why SMS Developers Love PartsTech

Just like paper RO’s have been replaced by shop management software, the experience of ordering parts for the modern repair shop is primed for a huge change.

And just like your company has developed a SMS to help your repair shop customers run their daily operations more efficiently, we here at PartsTech have done the same to help make the parts ordering process be easier. We built an online parts search engine that is second-to-none in helping shops find the right part, right now.

PartsTech has already been integrated into many premiere SMS platforms to help deliver an ultra-modern parts ordering experience. Integrating PartsTech into your SMS platform and strengthen your service offering by making sure your users have all the tools they need to do more business and do it better.

Here are 4 reasons why you should integrate PartsTech into your SMS:

Makes Your Customers Happy – Our parts search engine connects our shop customers with their favorite suppliers in town or across the country, no matter what part they need. They can search easily by plate or VIN, see high quality images to know that they are ordering the right part, and can see delivery times…all in one search. Just as today’s shops don’t have time to spend hours on the phone trying to find parts, they also don’t have time to open multiple searches online to find the parts they need. They want to stay in one platform to do everything. PartsTech helps them do just that…all within your SMS.

Easy API & Amazing Support – We work with your developers through all aspects of integration and our API allows easy access to PartsTech’s catalog, e-commerce, and estimating capabilities. We guide you through testing to launch, and we provide all the support you need after we go live. Our goal is to make integration as quick and painless as possible.

Crazy Fast Updates – Your customers will have access to the most accurate parts listings and information available. When manufacturers update their product lines, that information will be available within our platform within 24-48 hours. PartsTech knows how important it is to your customers to provide the latest product descriptions and images to insure with accurate ordering within your SMS.

We Save You Time, too – We talk a lot about how we save the shop owner time when using a one-stop search engine like PartsTech to find parts, but we also know we can help your development team save time, too. With a platform as comprehensive as ours, you don’t have to waste time integrating multiple parts catalogs into your SMS. When it comes to parts, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Let PartsTech do the heavy lifting.

Instead of making your users jump through hoops to find the parts they need, our API adds deep functionality all in one portal you can offer your customers. Because we take care of the complexities of ordering parts, your development team can focus their time and efforts on adding to or improving more important features of your application.

PartsTech has built a robust parts catalog to helps repair shops find the parts they need all in one place. Your SMS was built to help those same shops run their business more efficiently and do it all within one easy application. A perfect match.

Email or call us today to schedule a free demo to see just how easy it is to have PartsTech be a part of your SMS. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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