Your Shop Management System & PartsTech…A Perfect Combination.

May 20, 2020
3 mins read

Your Shop Management System & PartsTech…A Perfect Combination.

You rely on your shop management system (SMS) for everything…billing out labor, shop fees, maintaining customer records & history of repairs, etc. These systems are a large financial investment and are designed to make your life easier and help your shop run smoothly. Sometimes the most time-consuming tasks, like parts ordering, may require you to go outside your SMS, opening up other windows and browsers. You could have 4 or 5 separate windows open at a time searching for the part you need. You spend more time clicking than ordering.

Everything You Do, All in One Place

PartsTech understands that the investment you made in your SMS is an important part of your business and we have partnered with several platforms to offer access within their program. Why does this matter? Because your time matters. If your busy shop has 10 customers coming in for a full day’s schedule, you need to be able to quickly and easily search for all the parts you need, all in one program on your computer. Imagine having to constantly click out of your SMS to search several websites looking for parts. The time that takes is time you could be spending doing something else to grow your business. The integration into your SMS also allows for seamless drag-and-drop process to add parts to the active RO. Simply click on the PartsTech button, do your search, and within a minute or two you have the parts ordered and added to the RO. Your quotes are quick, accurate and your customers will appreciate that.

When Real Time Means Real Profits

Our platform integration also gives you a real-time look at supplier inventories and delivery estimates. Your jobs depend on knowing who has the parts and how quickly they can get them to you. Seeing availability updated within the hour can be the difference between getting a car off the lift today or making the customer wait until tomorrow. That’s never a good thing. Our cloud-based technology provides updates constantly to our own system and, combined with your SMS, it makes for the most efficient and simple way to get the parts you need found and billed out to the job. Fast, easy, and all within one window.

Does your SMS Have PartsTech? Let’s Fix That…

By partnering with popular SMS providers such as ShopWare, Easy RO, and Shop Boss, PartsTech has made it a priority to reach out for integration opportunities throughout the industry. We want to be a part of how (and where) you do business every day. If your current shop management system has PartsTech as part of their platform, you should be actively using it every day to search for and order the parts you need. That’s why we’re there. If your current SMS doesn’t have PartsTech integrated, give us a call and let us know who you use. We’ll get them on the phone and see what we can do about adding access to our parts search engine to their platform.

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