Streamlining Training and Accelerating Auto Repairs: The PartsTech Diagrams Advantage

January 22, 2024
Product Updates
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In the face of the ongoing staffing shortage in the auto repair industry, the ability to swiftly train and onboard employees is crucial for maximizing overall shop efficiency, throughput, and profitability. A significant bottleneck in achieving these goals often lies in the process of ordering parts. 

Historically, having extensive knowledge of part names or numbers was an advantage in helping staff members order parts fast. While this knowledge remains valuable, the industry now demands service advisors and technicians who can quickly ramp up their parts knowledge and seamlessly combine quality and speed to expedite parts ordering and carry out repairs promptly.

Reduce The Parts Ordering Learning Curve And Training Time

Use Visual Parts Identification For Ordering Speed And Accuracy

The introduction of PartsTech Diagrams revolutionizes the training process for new staff in auto repair shops, especially for new technicians and service advisors. They no longer need to be experts in memorizing car part names or numbers. PartsTech Diagrams provide a user-friendly interface where they can interact with intuitive, full-vehicle diagrams — allowing them to visually identify and click on the required parts quickly, confirm accuracy, and add them to a list of needed parts.

Order Parts For Modern Vehicles With Confidence

As vehicles become increasingly complex, your staff members who order parts don’t have to be experts in cars to order the right part. PartsTech Diagrams offer comprehensive diagrams for modern and older vehicles to give your staff a clear understanding of the assembly and arrangement of parts for every vehicle entering your shop.

Give Your Team The Tools They Need

The environment you create in your shop for your staff extends beyond good working conditions and also includes the physical AND digital tools they need to do their best work. By using PartsTech Diagrams in your shop, you empower your employees with tools to make their jobs easier and faster while ensuring that all the correct car parts are selected and ordered — regardless of the vehicle’s make or model.

Setting Your Team Up For Success Cascades Into Boosting Your Shop’s Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Don’t Let Parts-Related Delays Impact Your Customer Ratings

Ordering the wrong part not only disrupts repair times but also frustrates your customers. Your customers just want their vehicle back — fast. PartsTech Diagrams play a pivotal role in expediting your rate of repair by significantly speeding the rate at which you can find and order parts (and eliminating the risk of ordering mistakes). There is nothing like receiving the part you need to get a vehicle done and realizing you ordered the wrong part. This delays a repair and doesn’t deliver on your customer’s expectations. Ultimately, this can lead to dissatisfied customers and bad reviews.

Putting Processes And Tools In Place For Confident Part Ordering

Putting processes and tools in place to help your team confidently order the right part —  the first time — results in a smoother workflow that not only speeds up the repair process but also increases overall profits while impressing customers with a fast rate of repair.

Ordering Speed Doesn’t End With Just The Visual Search 

By leveraging PartsTech Diagrams, your shop can achieve a more accurate and efficient workflow with visual aids. But efficiency doesn’t stop there.

Initiate An Automated Search For All Needed Parts — Across All Your Suppliers — In One Click

As your team identifies the needed parts, they can select them directly from the diagram to add them to a compiled list of required parts. When they are ready, a single click initiates an automated search for all necessary parts across all your suppliers in a single lookup. The ability to search across all suppliers in one place further saves valuable time. Once all the parts are in the cart, your team can place a multi-supplier order in one click.

Adopting PartsTech and PartsTech Diagrams in your auto repair shop is a game-changer in minimizing training times and maximizing operational efficiency for your team. With a focus on visual parts identification and streamlined processes, PartsTech Diagrams empowers your team to adapt and thrive quickly in a demanding industry, ultimately ensuring faster repairs, satisfied customers, and increased profitability.

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