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Webinar Recap: PartsTech’s Live Demo Of Premium Features

February 06, 2024
Product Updates
6 mins read

In our year-end webinar in December, we did a live demo of all the features available in PartsTech Free. During the Q&A, participants ask for more details about PartsTech’s premium features. In response, our January 2024 webinar delved into the additional PartsTech features accessible via PartsTech Plus and PartsTech Complete.

Before we dive into a summary of what we covered in the webinar, we’d like to remind you that most PartsTech features are free to use and save shops an average of 15 minutes per repair order. However, many shops upgrade to PartsTech Plus or PartsTech Complete to save their shop even more time. 

We encourage you to watch the recording below if you missed the webinar. Here’s a nutshell of each premium feature we demoed:

Access Premium Tire Suppliers

On PartsTech Free, you can access over 30 tire suppliers free of charge. Shops looking to extend their access to additional tire suppliers, such as ATD, NTW, and U.S. Tire Force, can do so through PartsTech Plus or Complete. Access to the entire comprehensive list of tire suppliers in the PartsTech ecosystem allows you to offer your customers a more diverse range of options. To see which tire suppliers we included in PartsTech Free and which are accessible in PartsTech Plus or Complete, click here.

Manage Your Shop Profitability With Retail Pricing

An essential aspect of shop profitability is ensuring that you are making a profit on parts and tires. With our Retail Pricing feature, you can exercise control over your profitability by establishing pricing matrices for markup across different parts and price ranges. You can also do this for your tires (see next section). Set up your pricing matrix to specify percent-based or fixed-dollar markup — whichever best fits your pricing strategy. 

You can customize your markup with different matrices for various part types, allowing precise control over markups. The flexibility to set a price markup for a specific part category or service enhances your overall control over your profits. 

When you search for a part in PartsTech, the search results will display wholesale and retail pricing based on your established price matrix. By toggling into Quote Mode, you can show your customers your retail pricing without revealing the wholesale pricing. 

As you add parts to your cart, you can view your gross profit margin to help ensure you are hitting your profitability targets in real-time.

Create Tire Packages and Tire Comparison Quotes

You can also set up Retail Pricing for tires and tire packages. Create tire packages that give your customers a holistic view of out-the-door pricing, including installation fees for one to four tires. 

You can also easily add up to three tires to a quote using our Tire Comparison feature — streamlining your customers’ decision-making by providing them with all the details they need to make an informed purchase. The best part is that you can facilitate on-the-go quotes by sharing a Tire Comparison quote directly to a customer’s mobile device via email or text. Learn more about Tire Comparison. 

Quickly Find Parts For Common Jobs

Finding parts for common jobs is seamless for users of the Plus package. Select a job from our list of the most common jobs and search for all the necessary parts across all your suppliers in one click instead of searching for one part at a time.

Prioritize Your Preferred Brands In Search Results

PartsTech Complete lets you see your preferred brands first in search results. You can set up your preferred brands manually or use our AI-driven feature that uses your purchasing history to show you the brands you order from most at the top of your search results. 

Additionally, you can toggle brand name visibility on or off so that when it transfers to your management system, you can decide if your customers can see the brands you use in their vehicle.

View Analytics To Make Data-Driven Decisions

PartsTech Plus and PartsTech Complete bring access to various levels of analytics to help you understand your parts ordering trends. 

PartsTech Plus offers analytics on parts spend by suppliers and user over time. PartsTech Complete extends these analytics to cover the part types and tires your shop purchases the most, your average spend, and average part prices — providing a comprehensive overview of your shop’s parts ordering habits.

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View the webinar recording:

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