Welcome to PartsTech! Now Let’s Get Started…

May 21, 2020
4 min read

Welcome to PartsTech…we’re glad you’re here!

Now that you have activated your account, you may be wondering ‘what’s next?’ How do we order parts? How do we get our local suppliers set up in PartsTech? What can we do to ‘flip the switch’ in our management system to get easier and faster access to parts ordering? Who do we call if we have a problem or question?

No problem…let’s walk through all the steps to get you up to speed. A PartsTech Representative will be available to help any step of the way.

Set-up, ordering, integration, and support are all the critical steps to getting the most out of your partnership with us. Let’s walk through each one…

Your PartsTech Rep.

Once you create an account you will be assigned a PartsTech Rep. You’re PartsTech Rep will reach out to you over the phone or via email within 1 business day to introduce themselves and help you get set up. If you need anything in regards to your PartsTech account you can always reach out to your Rep.

Set-up/Supplier Configuration

After you have created your PartsTech account you will need to immediately set up your preferred suppliers. Your account can display up to 5 suppliers at any given time. Your PartsTech Rep is available to help you set up your suppliers or you can Click Here to visit our knowledge base for all of our support guides on setting up individual suppliers.

How to Set-Up Your Suppliers On PartsTech.

How to Configure Your Suppliers on PartsTech

Ordering Parts

Searching on PartsTech is simple, fast, and accurate. You can even enter the plate number or VIN to search for the parts you need. No need for multiple drop-down menus and having to double check specs while the car is in the bay. Plate and VIN gives you all the options for that EXACT vehicle immediately.

You will see the parts that are available at your local suppliers, detailed descriptions and images to compare to the part being replaced, and estimated delivery times. Our e-commerce checkout is quick and efficient…exactly what shops need to shorten the repair cycle and get the customer back on the road.

How to Search and Order on PartsTech

Searching and Ordering on PartsTech

SMS Integration

Need to ‘flip the switch’ to get PartsTech turned on within your existing SMS? No problem. Most shops have SMS platforms that may already have PartsTech included in their system. This helps make sure your tech or manager is not jumping in and out of the platform to order parts. Parts ordering made easy…

PartsTech Supports an ever growing list of Shop Management Systems. For a full list of our current management system partners Click Here.

In order to connect PartsTech with your management system you’ll need to enter your user name and API Key into your SMS. We have instructions on how to find your API Key here, or you can watch the tutorial video below.

How To Find Your API Key.

How to find my API Key on PartsTech

Any issues activating PartsTech within your SMS? Call your SMS representative first…they should be able to help with any technical issues.

Customer Support

PartsTech was built for the future of the repair industry. We knew that outdated and inefficient parts ordering systems had many issues, the biggest among them was a lack of quality customer support. In the next-gen tech world we live in, it’s important to be able to get answers and help fast. Our Customer Support team is available during business hours M-F. Need help? Feel free to contact your PartsTech Rep, or send an email to [email protected].

PartsTech Knowledge Base.

PartsTech also has a knowledge base that can be accessed here. Here you’ll find all of our support articles and answers to our frequently asked questions. Looking for something specific? Use the search function on the knowledge base to find what you need.

We know you have little time to waste with a full shop and parts that need to be ordered. Quick answers when you need them most.

Our top priority is making your parts ordering experience second-to-none and being available for issues big and small helps us honor that commitment.

We’re In This Together.

Our team at PartsTech understands that shops have options when it comes to parts ordering. What sets us apart are the processes we have designed to make our service a long-lasting part of helping your business grow. A company big enough to serve but small enough to get to know you and your business.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your business! Now, let’s order some parts…