Your Users Want an ‘Easy’ Parts Search…PartsTech Can Deliver.

May 20, 2020
3 min read

A shop management system is designed for one purpose…to help your users run their businesses more efficiently and frankly, to make their lives easier while increasing profit. Part of that commitment to your end user is to have your platform include all the tools they need to achieve all that.

So, if your customer needs a quick and easy way to search for parts, how does your SMS help them? Repair shops need a comprehensive search engine to help them source the parts they need for every job that comes in. Are your users jumping between multiple ‘punch-out’ catalog integrations? Are users leaving your system to search elsewhere online? Or perhaps you don’t have any parts ordering capabilities at all. Either way, not very efficient and honestly a real pain for any shop owner.

Giving Your Customer What They Want

Your users’ expectations are evolving rapidly. The typical shop owner has a smartphone in their pocket, and they use Amazon and Google frequently. Think about it…we are all used to a one-click search and ordering experience in our lives. Today, the Internet is an easy and user-friendly experience.

Your users want that same functionality. They want one platform to help them run everything from the daily accounting, payroll, RO invoicing, inventory management, customer tracking, etc.

Well, they also want an easy in-platform way to cast the largest net they can for whatever part they need from the routine oil change to the labor-intensive timing belt replacement. That’s where PartsTech can help.

A Peek into Why It Matters…

Say one of your shop owners (we’ll call him Mike) has signed on to your cloud-based SMS to help them run all aspects of their business. He has 6 bays and a pretty robust customer base in his market. Mike’s goal is to have only one tab open all day and do everything he needs to do in your SMS. After all, that’s why he has signed up for your service, right?

If your SMS doesn’t have a modern online parts search included, he has to spend a lot of time clicking and searching across multiple ‘punch-outs’ and even outside of your system for parts. Multiple catalogs, multiple searches. And with a full day of jobs, cars on the lift, and parts he has to get right now, this takes time Mike simply doesn’t have.

If a platform like PartsTech was integrated into your SMS, Mike would be able to search every preferred retailer in his local market and if they don’t have the part, he would immediately see everyone else in his market or across the country that does have it. Once he has placed the order, he can simply drag-and-drop the part into the RO with preset mark-ups and never have to leave your system. It’s all right there in one window.

Not Just Any Parts Catalog…

PartsTech is a cloud-based online parts search engine that gives shop owners access to over 20,000 retailers, 1600 brands (and growing), and over 6 million parts nationwide. This is not your father’s parts catalog. We provide an easy to use parts ordering system that connects repair shops to all of their suppliers in a single search. For hard to find parts, we connect your customers with whatever they need wherever it may be.

Our API is being used by premiere SMS providers in the industry because we provide end-to-end seamless integration that helps you give your customers what they want…the right parts, every time. Think ‘Google’ for parts.

Let us show you how easy it is to integrate PartsTech into your SMS. We would love to help you help your customers. Schedule a free demo today!