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Adept Auto Repair: Investing Time in Customers, Not Parts Ordering

May 08, 2024
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It’s easy for staff to get caught up in completing tasks in an auto repair shop. However, successful shops like Adept Auto Repair emphasize focus on efforts that earn customer trust and satisfaction by quickly delivering high-quality repairs and exceptional customer service to every person who enters their shop. 

Don’t get us wrong — completing tasks is important in every shop, but it’s the process by which you complete tasks that is critical. Efficiency is key so that your shop can power through repeated tasks while simultaneously speeding up the execution of quality services and focusing on delivering on your promises to customers.

Kenzie Riley, Service Advisor and Parts Manager at Adept Auto Repair, shared her experience of how PartsTech helps her quickly get the right parts for a high volume of customers and their vehicles — instead of getting bogged down in tracking down and ordering parts. 

A Bit About Adept Auto Repair

Adept Auto Repair is located in Madison, Alabama, and promises its customers convenience, satisfaction, quick service, and transparency. As a general auto repair shop, they offer comprehensive auto repair services, handling everything from routine maintenance to complex repairs for various makes and models — specializing in European, Asian, and diesel vehicles.

Sourcing Parts for a High Volume of Repair Orders — Quickly

In the hustle and bustle of a busy shop, Kenzie juggles many roles, including service advisor and parts manager. Managing a high volume of repair orders each day makes efficient parts sourcing crucial to Kenzie. “Being able to click a button and be taken to all of my parts suppliers at once saves me a ton of time,” said Kenzie. “Parts ordering goes faster and is a lot simpler with PartsTech, and it makes my life so much easier.” 

Viewing Parts Info and Cross-Referencing Parts with Ease

For Kenzie, the standout feature of PartsTech is its comprehensive search results, which provide important parts information at a glance. “I can see parts across all my suppliers and all the info I need on each part very quickly. I especially like that it’s so easy to cross-reference part numbers inside of PartsTech,” Kenzi emphasized. 

At the end of the day, Kenzie really values the time that PartsTech saves. “We are a really busy shop,” Kenzie said, “It’s nice to have that time saved with PartsTech.” 

Unlock efficiency in your parts ordering process by bringing all your preferred suppliers into one comprehensive search.

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