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Cutting Costs, Raising Revenue: How B.A.T. Boys Auto Repair Thrives with PartsTech

May 02, 2024
Real Customers
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The entire PartsTech team loves to hear stories from our customers! At a recent industry event, we had the delight of meeting Jeremy and Nicky McQueen, owners of  B.A.T. Boys auto repair shop in Branson, Missouri. 

Thank you, Jeremy and Nicky, for giving us a glimpse into your PartsTech experience! 

A Bit About B.A.T. Boys

The McQueens have been at the helm of B.A.T. Boys for 18 years, serving the Branson community with general automotive repair services. Their facility boasts 20 service bays and 13 lifts. “We’re a mom-and-pop shop. We have one location, but we are a pretty sizable shop,” said Jeremy. 

Finding the Right Parts at the Right Price — Fast 

B.A.T. Boys started using PartsTech in 2022. “Having access to all of our parts vendors in one place has really sped up our part searching process,” said Nicky. 

And it’s not just the fast search that’s great for B.A.T. Boys — the real-time breakdown of part pricing across vendors has also been key. With PartsTech, the shop can balance getting parts fast with finding the best possible price. “PartsTech gives us a nice breakdown of the prices, and it’s really quick. We can go in there and search for the best price and compare that very quickly with other vendors. That’s been really nice,” emphasized Nicky. 

Savings and Revenue Achieved Through Effective Parts Pricing 

“Using PartsTech has helped us with our percentage of parts pricing,” said Jeremy, “We were running around 30% on our parts costs, and with PartTech, we’ve been able to get it down below 25%, which was our benchmark for where we wanted to be. It’s been really awesome to have the savings and revenue from that.”

It’s Not Just Jeremy and Nicky Who Love PartsTech 

In his closing statement, Jeremy stressed one last important aspect of using PartsTech in their shop: “Our service advisors absolutely love it!”

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