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Full Throttle Automotive Uses PartsTech to Find Parts Fast for Every Bumper-to-Bumper Service

May 17, 2024
Real Customers
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“We treat our customers like family and try to do whatever they need for their vehicle,” said Sam Eberhart, Parts Manager at Full Throttle Automotive in Southern Indiana. 

For shops like Full Throttle Automotive, servicing customers is not just about world-class customer service and quality repairs; it’s about getting those repairs done quickly to get each customer safely back on the road. 

Sam shares how PartsTech helps her and her team find the right parts for every job and know when to expect delivery so they can get started promptly.

A Bit About Full Throttle Automotive 

Full Throttle Auto Repair is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to every customer. “Maintenance and basic repairs are our bread and butter,” says Sam, “but we also take on heavier jobs like engine and transmission replacements. Really, we offer bumper-to-bumper services and strive to do whatever the customer needs.”

Finding a Reliable Way to Order Parts in Just a Few Clicks

Before discovering PartsTech, Sam and her team faced challenges in managing parts orders efficiently. Sam is thankful that they now have PartsTech integrated into their shop processes, “PartsTech makes my job so much easier,” Sam explains. “Our service advisors can just hop on, input the VINs, and search for whatever part they’re looking for. We can compare all our different vendors in one place, and it’s super helpful to compare prices and see part specs. And with just a few clicks, the parts are automatically loaded onto the ticket.”

PartTech’s reliability is another significant advantage. “Very rarely do we have any issues with the PartsTech site, and if we do, the PartsTech team will get it all worked out very very quickly.”

Knowing Delivery Times and Adding Notes for Suppliers

Sam also appreciates the visibility into vendor inventory and delivery times. “It helps us determine how long it will take a part to get to us,” she notes. “Another feature that I love is the ability to add notes to the order before sending it over. This allows us to communicate the urgency of the order or other special instructions directly to the supplier(s).”

“PartsTech has really made it streamlined and super simple for us to order parts,” Sam concludes.

Join shops like Full Throttle Automotive and make it easy to find the parts you need for every customer. 

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