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Multiplicity: Boosting Revenue by 15% and Gaining a Time Savings of 50% per RO with PartsTech

May 31, 2024
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Located in Louisburg, Kansas, Multiplicity is a family-owned shop specializing in a dynamic set of premium vehicle services, including custom upfitting and fleet services — catering to various clients, including government and municipal entities. They do a lot of custom builds for specialized vehicles and even create cool harnesses for racing vehicles. 

We talked with Co-Owner, Adam Shifman, who shared their transformative experience with bringing PartsTech into their operations. 

From Multiple Website Tabs and Phone calls to Efficient, Revenue-Boosting Parts Ordering 

“Before we had PartsTech, it (ordering parts) was a huge challenge. We had to mix a lot of different web browsers between three different windows to order online. Or, it was call-in orders and paper and pencil,” explains Adam.

Since adopting PartsTech, Multiplicity has seen an increase in revenue along with a dramatic reduction in the time spent on building each repair order.

We’ve seen roughly about a 15% increase in revenue along with about a 50% time savings per repair order.

Adam Shifman, Co-Owner, Multiplicity

PartsTech + Shopmonkey — “A Powerful Couple” 

The Multiplicity team uses PartsTech through an integration within Shopmonkey – their shop management system. Integrating PartsTech with Shopmonkey has significantly streamlined Multiplicity’s parts ordering process. “PartsTech is integrated with our CRM, Shopmonkey — those two together are a powerful couple, and it has revolutionized how we order things and how fast our shop is able to get parts to our location,” says Adam. 

Happier Technicians

The fast and easy parts procurement process has led to happier and more productive technicians. Adam notes the positive atmosphere this has created, “We have a lot happier technicians working in our shop. PartsTech has to change the way our shop does business.”

Join Shops Like Multiplicity 

Did you know that PartsTech works as a standalone or with your existing shop management system? We integrate with more than 35 of the industry’s top shop management systems, so whether you’re operating primarily with paper and pencil or a shop management system, PartsTech fits seamlessly into your existing workflow. 

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