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Vehicle Inspection Checklist For Auto Shops

September 22, 2023
Shop Resource
6 mins read

Whether conducted as a digital vehicle inspection or with paper and pen, vehicle inspections are a must-have in every auto shop’s workflow and should not be skipped. 

Why Your Shop Should Do Vehicle Inspections 

Vehicle inspections may seem mundane on the surface, but they are invaluable for a few reasons: 

Consistent, Quality Work — Vehicle inspections help your technicians be thorough in finding what is (and isn’t) wrong with a vehicle. They also help your shop create a consistent process for how vehicles are evaluated — regardless of which technician is assigned. 

Building Customer Trust — Inspections provide a transparent and detailed assessment of the customer’s vehicle condition. When customers can see exactly what issues or potential problems exist, it helps them understand their vehicle assessment, fosters a sense of honesty and openness, and helps them to feel like you are not trying to hide anything or recommend unnecessary repairs.

Liability Protection — Unfortunately, some shops find themselves in a pickle when a customer thinks the shop caused interior or exterior damage that was pre-existing. When you capture pre-existing damage in an inspection, you protect your shop in scenarios like this. 

Building Inspection Templates

Not every job requires the same type of inspection, which is why we suggest you create different inspection templates that cover your bases for your most basic jobs to your most complex. For example, your “Safety Inspection” template will be different from your “Routine Maintenance Inspection” template, which will be different from your “Brake Inspection” template…and so on. 

To help you get started in facilitating consistent inspections, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of common inspection items. 

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Use this list to assist you in creating the various inspection checklist templates that will best fit your shop’s needs. 

Note: Within the checklist, you will need a rating system. Many inspections use a “green, yellow, red” coding:

Exterior Inspection

Interior Inspection

Under The Hood Inspection

Under The Vehicle Inspection

Brake Inspection

(This is a consolidated list of brake inspection items. You may see some repeat items from the lists above)

Tire And Wheel Inspection

Road Test 

Remember, inspections are worth your shop’s time! Best of luck creating your shop’s inspection templates!

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