Increase Parts Ordering Accuracy with Interactive Diagrams from PartsTech

May 06, 2024
3 min read

How often does your auto shop accidentally order the wrong part for a vehicle waiting to be worked on? No one intends to order the wrong part, but it happens — sometimes far too frequently.

As if part returns were not enough pain, ordering the wrong part means delaying a repair and having to communicate that delay to the customer. 

Changes happening in the industry don’t lend themselves to accurate parts ordering. Vehicle technology is ever-evolving; the seasoned techs who have memorized every part are beginning to retire, and the new technicians entering the field need time to achieve high levels of part familiarity. 

In the dynamic environment of auto repair, accuracy in parts ordering plays a crucial role in your shop’s workflow when it comes to seamlessly moving cars in and out of the shop. 

How Your Shop Can Halt Innacurate Parts Ordering with Visual Aid

PartsTech Diagrams provides a powerful solution for accurate parts ordering with interactive full-vehicle diagrams, significantly enhancing the precision of parts identification and ordering.

View and Cross Reference Full-Vehicle Diagrams 

PartsTech Diagrams covers all major part categories, offering comprehensive visuals for an entire vehicle. This allows technicians to visually view and cross-reference parts across multiple diagrams for the exact vehicle through a single search. 

Hover and Click Through Interactive Diagrams

The best part about using diagrams in PartsTech is that they are interactive. Hover over a part in the diagram, and you’ll see a popup with the part name. Or, hover over the part name, and you’ll see the corresponding part highlighted on the diagram. 

This helps with part ordering accuracy and speeds up part identification, enabling you to get the right parts to your shop sooner. 

Search All Needed Parts at Once – Across All of Your Suppliers

As you identify the parts you need across one or more diagrams and part categories, all you have to do is click to add them to a parts search list. When you are ready, one click will activate an automated search for each part across all your suppliers. Once you add a part to your cart, you’ll automatically be taken to the search result for the next part on the list. This will continue until all needed parts have been added to the cart. Then, all you have to do is click once to order them all. 

PartsTech Diagrams is Entirely Free to Use in All PartsTech Subscription Tiers

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